Jim Ross claims Chris Jericho could be one of the best commentators of the generation


Is Chris Jericho one of the best commentator of this generation?

Jim Ross needs no introduction being one of the best commentators in WWE and the pro-wrestling world. He has been a part of some of the most iconic pro-wrestling moments ever and has also worked with almost every big name wrestler you can think of in his career.

Chris Jericho and Jake Hager on AEW.
Chris Jericho on AEW. (Cultaholic)

According to Jim Ross, Chris Jericho can be one of the best commentators of this generation. Ross was speaking about Jericho on his Grilling JR podcast where he brought up the topic of Y2J and said he believed Jericho could enter the world of commentary after retiring from the wrestling business. Ross said:

“Jericho is good in any role. I believe Jericho will end up being one of the best commentators of his generation when he goes to that position; if he does. He is just really good.’

Ross certainly believe that commentary could be area that Jericho would most definitely excel in if he decides to put his mind into it. Jericho has built up his name as one of the best wrestlers in the pro-wrestling world ever. Having wrestled in almost every single big name promotion in the world Jericho is a true veteran in the industry.

Nick Gage AEW
Chris Jericho (Twitter)

Who is Chris Jericho currently feuding with?

The former WWE wrestler is currently feuding with the Men of the Year and the America’s top team in the AEW with his stable the inner circle. As of now his rivals have proved to be the dominant ones.

Chris Jericho Jorge Masvidal
Chris Jericho attacked by ATT and The Men of the Year (Sky Sports)

Being on the end of two infamous Jorge Masvidal flying knee KOs recently, Jericho would hope to establish his dominance over this rivalry in the coming weeks.

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