Dustin Rhodes hopefully wants to become a future “Hall of Famer”


Former WWE Superstar Dustin Rhodes is quite hopeful about becoming a Hall of Famer someday 

“The Natural” Dustin Rhodes has had a notable career in WWE. He is most prominently known for his gimmick as Goldust which gave him a really big fanbase. He departed from WWE in April 2019. 

Dustin Rhodes
Dustin Rhodes is one of the veterans of the wrestling industry (Twitter)

Rhodes made his debut in AEW back in 2019 in the very first Double or Nothing PPV in AEW. Since then he has been a part of several top-tier matches with superstars like CM Punk and Cody Rhodes. He is currently working as a wrestler and coach on Tony Khan’s promotion.

Dustin had an illustrious career in WWE. He took to Twitter and expressed his desire to become a Hall of Famer one day. Rhodes also mentioned that he is always learning.

I truly and humbly believe my career has been an impressive body of work. I am always learning, always striving, and hopefully 1 day, a Hall of Famer!! #KeepSteppin #AlwaysForwardsNeverBackwards

Booker T recently commented on the possibility of Dustin Rhodes returning to WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T believes that there is a decent chance that Dustin Rhodes will be back in WWE at some point. 

Rhodes has been a part of the company for almost 6 years. He has made several returning appearances in Vince McMahon’s promotion.

Booker T mentioned on his Hall of Fame podcast that there is a significant chance that Rhodes can leave Tony Khan’s promotion someday.

“Having someone like Goldie around in AEW is great, but there again, I would not be surprised if I saw him back in the WWE,” said Booker T. (From 33:30 to 33:40)

Booker T and Golddust became the World Tag Team Champions back in December 2002. 

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