“My heart dropped” – Britt Baker reveals why she couldn’t sign with WWE despite tryout 



Britt Baker is one of AEW’s top stars but it could have been completely different for her 

Britt Baker has taken her dentist’s role pretty well and used it in her wrestling persona. Baker is known as DMD and even The Doctor thanks to her links outside of wrestling.

However, she is one of the best female talents in the world and a pillar of AEW. The 30-year-old was the first woman that AEW signed and is the current AEW World Champion.

Things, however, could have been different for her as she revealed in a recent interview. Baker was speaking on Talk is Jericho and explained that she was confident of signing for WWE after a tryout.

However, being in dental school stopped all her plans of getting into WWE (h/t EWrestling news): 

“Canyon Ceman, at the time, he was like the gatekeeper for independent wrestlers to get into NXT. He pulled me aside at the end of the tryout. And he was like, ‘you know, you’ve just started dental school. As a father, I have a hard time pulling you from a professional degree.’ My heart dropped.”

Britt Baker will be in action on this week's AEW
Britt Baker is one of the top female athletes on AEW Dynamite (Pro Wrestling)

Britt Baker glad she didn’t join WWE

Being part of NXT in the last 3-4 years would have been great since that was the brand that put out the best matches.

However, Baker is glad to not have joined WWE and completed her course:

“I owe him the world because I would have left dental school in a heartbeat to go to WWE. Because I was young, dumb, and I was like, ‘I’m going to be NXT Women’s Champion,’ like that would have got me far, right? He stayed in touch with me every few months after that. Like, ‘let me know when you finish dental school, send me your matches,’ he always kept up with me.”

Baker can now juggle both her careers, which would have been impossible in WWE. Furthermore, the 30-year-old could have been one of the cuts from NXT.

The brand has been completely overhauled during Triple H’s absence. Additionally, WWE has cut and released several stars from their main brands too. 

Keith Lee
Keith Lee is All Elite now (Twitter)

There is no guarantee that Baker would have even reached the main brands of WWE, given how some of their plans have worked out for NXT stars. 

Keith Lee and Karrion Kross are a couple of examples. The pair were two of the brightest NXT talents that WWE had, but they both were released fairly recently. 

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