AEW Superstar Dax Harwood reacts on social media after getting a standing ovation from the crowd after his match against Adam Cole 

On the Wednesday Night Show of Dynamite, Dax Harwood faced off against Adam Cole in the first quarterfinal match of the Owen Hart Foundation. Even though the FTR member couldn’t advance, he got a standing ovation for his performance.

Dax Harwood is part of the tag team FTR
Dax Harwood moved to AEW with his tag partner Cash Wheeler recently (WWE)

Dax lost the match in the end due to Sharpshooter’s submission. Still, his fighting spirit and performance were appreciated by the fans. He took to Twitter and reacted to this gesture, something that he had never experienced.

“After my match with Adam Cole on Wednesday night, Long Island decided to give me a standing ovation. I’ve never felt anything like that in my career. Y’all made all this happen. Not some kind of “push”. Not a “turn”. It was y’all. The appreciation you’ve shown isn’t unnoticed.”

He acknowledged the fans who showed him immense respect and love and also said that it is something that happens organically.

Harwood posted another tweet to thank those who supported him despite losing the match against Cole.

“I’m just a 5’10 North Carolinian with a less than ideal body. Y’all shouldn’t like me, but I’m damn sure happy y’all do. I went to failure tonight; but I didn’t fail.”

Cole Advanced to the Owen Hart Foundation tournament semi-finals, and now it will be interesting to see whether FTR goes for the AEW Championship title.

AEW Superstar CM Punk praises Dax Harwood for his performance against Adam Cole 

Dax put up an impressive display of courage and resiliency, which got him praises from across the wrestling world. Even though he lost the match. 

After the loss, CM Punk heaped praise on Dax and even said that he is the wrestler of the year for him so far.

My wrestler of the year so far. #FTR

Renee Paquette also reacted to Harwood’s tweet and captioned it with something sweet.

We love uncle Dax


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