AEW criticised for Abadon portrayal in Hikaru Shida loss by Bully Ray and Dave LaGreca


Abadon featured in a disappointing match with Hikaru Shida on AEW

This week’s AEW Dynamite special, New Year’s Smash (night one), had Abadon square off against AEW Women’s World Champion Hikaru Shida.

The two have been going against each other in the past few months and things reached boiling point on AEW this week. Abadon bit Shida on her neck a couple of weeks back, but the Japanese still turned up to this fight.

She started the fight off by hitting Abadon with a cane, but the Undead Girl sustained it in scary fashion. The fight then featured Abadon taking the women’s champion under the ring and coming out alone with blood on her face.

The scene was a little off as the quantity of blood was not a lot and there was next to no blood spilling out of the Japanese’s neck. It did make for a gory showing, but still left fans wanting something other than the same neck-biting routine.

Hikaru Shida after her win against Abadon.
Hikaru Shida after her win against Abadon. (Image Credits: @shidahikaru on Twitter)

AEW could have used Abadon in a better way against Hikaru Shida

Amongst the people left unsatisfied by the match were Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray. On the latest episode of the Busted Open podcast, LaGreca said that the neck-biting episode was ridiculously sold as Shida still managed to win clean.

“It’s a complete disconnect. She drags Shida under the ring, bites Shida, then Shida comes out with her neck bleeding… it’s almost like she punched her.”

Hikaru Shida suffered a huge bite from Abadon
Hikaru Shida shared a photo of the bite from Abadon (Twitter)

Bully Ray added that Abadon is being used wrong by AEW. He wants the Undead Girl to be used a scary character that strikes into her opponents; like something out of a horror movie.

“Present Abadon like the exorcist-esque, or the ring-esque character that she is. I want to see fear in other women’s eyes.”

Abadon is one of the weirdest characters in AEW and it will be interesting to see what is next for her.

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