AEW Superstar CM Punk opens about how he learnt Blading from a WWE Hall of Famer

CM Punk spoke about many things at the post-AEW Revolution media scrum, but one of the things he talked about in detail was his history with Harley Race

Harley Race Miami Herakd
Harley Race is a WWE Hall of Famer

At the interview, he was asked about his time with the wrestling legend and how he reflected on that experience which included Harley zapping him with a stun gun. He also mentioned how Harley would throw up in his car and ride Harley’s boat. In addition, Punk talked briefly about getting hit with a stun gun.

“Thankfully, I never actually trained [with] Harley,” CM Punk said. “He would just book me on his shows, he would throw up in my car, and I would ride on his boat. The most horrible thing would happen, he would just drive the boat, and every time he’d say, ‘Beer,’ and I had to hand him a beer, and I was like, ‘Maybe you shouldn’t be driving the boat, and drinking.’

“But just being in his house, it’s weird, right? Have you ever get hit with a stun gun? I don’t recommend it, shuts your whole body off. I thought I pissed myself. He hit me in the butt with it. It’s not fun. But that’s kind of cool, right? Harley Race liked me enough to zap me with a stun gun. I think that’s pretty neat.” (H/t Wrestling Inc.)

Punk recently defeated MJF in a dog collar match at the AEW Revolution 2022.

CM Punk
CM Punk defeats MJF in a dog-collar match at AEW Revolution (Twitter)

CM Punk opens about the things he learnt from WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race 

The Best in the World admitted that even though he didn’t train with Harley, he learned a lot from him and even revealed how Harley taught him how to blade. He also talked about he’s proud of him.

CM Punk is now All Elite
August 25, 2021 – Newly signed CM Punk is seen during the AEW tapings at the UW Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. /Cal Media Milwaukee United States of America – ZUMAc04_ 20210825_zaf_c04_198 Copyright: xRickyxBassmanx

“But I did learn a lot from him. He refereed a bunch of my matches,” Punk revealed. “There was one particular match I think, every time I got taken over in a headlock takeover, he would bend down and he would check on me. He’d say, ‘What do you say?’ And he would stick both his fingers up my nostrils and it was awful because he had gigantic hands. He would just jam his middle finger and pointer finger in my nose, and it sucked. But just being around him, I learned a ton from him. I am not supposed to say words like this. But he was the guy who taught me how to make a blade. And I think he would be pretty god da*n proud right about now.”

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