CM Punk opens up on comparisons with Michael Jordan


CM Punk responded to comparisons with the great Michael Jordan

CM punk returned to professional wrestling and appeared on AEW, which was the worst kept secret in the world of wrestling.

Punk also opened up to comparisons with the great Michael Jordan. Since Jordan has played for Chicago Bulls for so many years and with Punk being from Chicago and making his return at the United Center, the comparisons were quite easy for him to make.

Michael Jordan won six NBA titles in his career
Michael Jordan holds up six fingers for each Bulls championship as he addresses the crowd at the Petrillo Music Shell at Grant Park on June 16, 1998, in Chicago (Imago)

Punk said about coming back to the United Center, the house that Jordan built. He also stated a question to the fans that whether he is the Michael Jordan of Pro Wrestling.

CM Punk speaks on his return to AEW

CM Punk pumped the fans as he returned to United Center at Chicago

The Best in the World said on ESPN SportsNation (h/t Fightful): 

“I’m not going to compare myself to Michael Jordan, but I was on top of the wrestling business and I left. He was on top of basketball and he left. He tried another sport, it didn’t go so well. I tried another sport, didn’t go so well. Perfect storm, timing is everything, and all the ideas clicked,” 

“I kind of have a sixth sense when it’s the right time and thing to do. Everything was just in place. I came back, in the United Center, the house that Jordan built. It was a magical moment. No, I am not Michael Jordan. Am I the Michael Jordan of professional wrestling? Well, that’s up for debate. That’s what is go great about it, everything is based on your perspective and opinion. We get to have fun that way. I’m a kid from Chicago. Am I supposed to say no to all this First Dance and United Center stuff? Hell no. Put my jersey in the rafters, let’s go.”

It will be interesting to see how things pan out for Punk in this new journey of professional wrestling 

CM Punk to make his debut against Darby Allin

After returning to Pro Wrestling almost after 7 long years Punk is set to make his in-ring debut against Darby Allin on Sunday at AEW All Out in the most intriguing match-up.

CM Punk AEW Debut
CM Punk is now All Elite (AEW)

Darby Allin is as popular as any wrestler in AEW right now. Allin performs suicide dives in a way that should make any other wrestler not named Rey Fenix shy away from ever attempting that move going forward. While the return of CM Punk would have boosted PPV, pairing Punk with Allin makes All Out must-see TV.

Darby Allin features in the AEW TNT title
Darby Allin is one of the best talents on AEW’s roster (AEW)

 Darby Allin has been given the opportunity to perform in big matches and he is yet to disappoint the fans. So it was quite an easy choice to make for the producers who will be in the main event of AEW All Out.

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