CM Punk and DanHausen have the most hilarious injury related discussion


AEW superstar CM Punk has a hilarious injury related discussion with DanHausen

CM Punk and Ring of Honor star DanHausen have recently had the most interesting injury related discussion one can see. Punk recently took to Twitter to ask DanHausen about his injured leg. Take a look at what the AEW star asked:

“How is your cursed leg?”

Punk was referencing to the same injury which led to the ROH star setting up a GoFundMe earlier this month. Although the injury is better from what it was, it is still far from being healed properly. DanHausen replied back to Punk and said:

“Feeling slightly less cursed. Going to the cybernetic leg doctor tomorrow to see how much longer Danhausen will be slightly cursed and not able to workout. Thank you for asking. How is your bloody head?!”

DanHausen in return asked about Punk’s head. Last weekend on AEW Full Gear, the former WWE superstar went up against Eddie Kingston. The match which was an all out brawl left Punk with a bloody head. DanHausen asked about the same which led to a interesting back and forth between the two, have a look:

The two visibly had an interesting conversation over Twitter which left the fans thoroughly entertained.

Who won CM Punk vs Eddie Kingston?

Punk was undefeated since joining AEW heading into the match and made sure to continue his run. Both wrestlers did everything they could to inflict damage upon their opponents. A match that went toe to toe with both wrestlers having their fair share of dominance saw the former WWE superstar walk away with a fabulous victory.

Punk had to hit Kingston with GTS two times and also mocked John Cena with his former foe’s signature sequence of shoulder blocks and teased a five knuckle shuffle. Kingston did all he could and busted up Punk’s head in the process. His efforts were not enough to stop Punk from walking away with his undefeated streak intact.

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