AEW star Chris Jericho was at the receiving end of body shaming online

Former WWE and current AEW star Chris Jericho was at the centre of a lot of body shaming jokes on Thursday as he featured on this week’s AEW Dynamite.

Jericho and MJF faced Darius and Dante Martin (Top Flight) and came away with the win. However, that match, the first of many on the Holiday Bash special, was also being watched by many newcomers.

The episode aired directly after an enthralling NBA Season Premiere between Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics. A lot of basketball fans stuck around and watched AEW, presumably for the first time in their lives.

Chris Jericho (C) is one of the biggest names in AEW.
Chris Jericho (C) is one of the biggest names in AEW.

Many were left shocked at seeing Chris Jericho put on some weight. What transpired after that was a barrage of memes and jokes aimed at the former AEW World Champion.

Some mocked his “dad bod” while others lamented how his body had changed so drastically since his WWE days.

Chris Jericho does not have time for body shamers

As expected, wrestling fans were protective of Jericho and came to the Million Viewer Man’s rescue.

One wrestling fan mocked how people were body shaming “one of the greatest wrestlers of all time” and said that Jericho has an impressive physique for his age.

Chris Jericho has put on some body weight in the past few years. (Credit: TWM News)
Chris Jericho signed with AEW in January 2019. (Credit: TWM News)

Jericho quoted the tweet to reply with a defiant message which listed out things that the 50-year-old could do better than any of the trolls that are body shaming him.

His tweet read: “Awwww they are? Well either way, I guarantee I can do more timed pushups, weighted squats and incline sit-ups than all of them AND still draw record ratings. I have a really thick skin, kids….#LeChampion

Chris Jericho signed for All Elite Wrestling in January 2019 after a short stint in Japan with NJPW.

Since his return, he has been one of the biggest stars in the promotion and even went on to hold the first AEW World Championship belt until losing it to Jon Moxley.

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