Chris Jericho punches fan trying to storm into AEW ring


Chris Jericho decks fan entering inside AEW ring during latest episode of Dynamite

Chris Jericho went into knockout mode as he punched a fan who tried to force himself in during the latest tapings of AEW Dynamite.

MJF was also present and then went on to provoke the crowd by challenging them to enter the ring with him.

“I welcome any other one of you fat white trash hicks to jump in the ring too, so I can beat your a**!”

Chris Jericho was making his entrance in the ring for his face-off with Maxwell Jacob Friedman or MJF. Instead, the security team had to be present on the scene, with Jericho going off-script for a moment.

Jericho has had numerous run-in with fans in his career. His character as a heel gave him lot of plaudits and he went on to become the high-profilers in WWE.

Jericho agreed to face four opponents of Max’s choice in stipulation matches before facing MJF to finally prove who is the better fighter.

The stipulation for the matches between the pair were decided on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, after the incident happened.

MJF decides the stipulation for showdown

MJF agrees to face Jericho in a match for one more time, but will have to go through a series of tests. Jericho and MJF have been involved in a bitter tussle which needs to have its final chapter.

MJF and Chris Jericho are two of the top heels on AEW
MJF and Jericho during AEW Dynamite (AEW)

Jericho accepted the challenge and put forth the gauntlet before MJF: (h/t Wrestling Inc)

“If I can’t last your Labors of Jericho, and if I can’t beat you, maybe I don’t deserve to be in AEW,” Jericho responded.

“But I’ll tell you this, if you’re gonna talk about Greek mythology, I am your guy. I accept your labors because I’m the God of the battle, I’m the God of thunder, I’m the God of War in AEW, and I’m gonna beat you.”

Jericho ended the show with a Judas Effect on MJF after the contract signing.

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