AEW Superstar Chris Jericho gives a befitting reply to MJF amid the Tony Khan situation

Several reports have confirmed that several ex-WWE talents in AEW are getting paid “four or five times more” than him, which created havoc among the roster. However, it seems like Former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho feels the reason for it is different. 

Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho as Mongoose McQueen (Loudwire)

Jericho seemingly called out MJF for complaining about his AEW salary and mentioned that the young wrestler should “go elsewhere” if he doesn’t feel adequately compensated. Jericho also stated that the grass isn’t always greener. He took to Twitter and said that AEW is the best company he has ever worked with.

For the record @AEW is the best sports entertainment company I’ve ever worked for & @TonyKhan is the best boss I’ve done business with. If certain talents feel they’re under compensated, maybe ur not as good as u think u are. Go elsewhere PLEASE. You’ll be begging to come back!

Many AEW talents believe MJF’s promo on Wednesday’s Dynamite was part of an elaborate storyline, which was put together following MJF’s meeting with Khan earlier this week. However, AEW also took it up a notch by removing all traces of MJF from their website and merchandise store. 

However, many fans believe that Jericho’s tweet could be part of a storyline with MJF.

MJF expressed his other grievances against AEW President Tony Khan

Maxwell and Tony Khan’s situation is getting very serious now, and The Salt of the Earth has finally opened out about his problems as a superstar in AEW. 

MJF Tony Khan WWE
MJF and Tony Khan have been involved in a heated conversation (What Culture)

MJF stated that he is a generational talent and should not be taken for granted and also indicated that he is getting underpaid.

“I am a generational talent and you people consistently take me for granted, but it’s not just you… It’s the big man in the back too,” MJF said. “Here’s something you guys can’t take for granted. Here’s something he doesn’t want you to know. Do you guys know, who the second biggest minute-for-minute draw is in this entire company? Nope! You wish… IT’S ME! It’s me! And if you don’t believe me, do me a favor – ask Stat Boy Tony in the back and see, what he’s got to say… But whatever you do, don’t ask him to reach into his pockets and pay the man who’s been busting his ass for him since day one! No, no, no, no, no, no! Make sure the hoards all that money… Make sure the hoards all that money, so he can give it to all the new ex-WWE guys he keeps bringing in.” (H/T Cage Match)

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