Britt Baker arranged special surprise for Adam Cole after AEW debut


Adam Cole received a surprise from Britt Baker after AEW debut

Adam Cole made his long awaited AEW debut at All Out this past week. Cole’s contract originally expired in July but he signed a short term contract extension until August. After which he was a free agent and he decided to end his run with the WWE and join AEW.

Britt Baker
Britt Baker

Adam Cole joined his long term friends Kenny Omega and Young Bucks in his debut and his night was made even special by his girlfriend, Britt Baker, who surprised him. Cole said this about the surprise (h/t ringsidenews)

“I’m so excited for the future. Sunday was one of the greatest nights of my life. It was my favorite night of my career. It’s such an exciting time. I knew last minute, Britt (Baker) knew last minute, and Britt made sure she got Momma Chugs and B-Fresh [Adam Cole’s brother] there. It made it even cooler. Britt deserves a ton of credit for that. She surprised me, she didn’t even tell me she was going to do that.”

Cole was certainly shocked to see his mom and his brother on the event in which he made his debut and it most certainly made it more memorable from him.

Why did Adam Cole leave WWE?

Adam Cole
Adam Cole at WWE

Adam was always a big prospect for the WWE. Being very popular amongst the fans as well. The former NXT superstar made the decision to leave WWE after his contract had expired. WWE wanted a managerial role for him which made him uninterested as he wanted to continue wrestling.

Adam Cole AEW
Adam Cole AEW (AEW Twitter)

This can be one of the reasons that made Adam leave the company. Moreover, Cole’s girlfriend Britt Baker and long time friends Kenny Omega and Young Bucks are also signed to AEW which could’ve given him another reason to join AEW.

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