(Photo) Abadon has the perfect warning for Hikaru Shida after risque photo


The feud between Abadon and Hikaru Shida just keeps on going

Abadon and Hikaru Shida have been going at it for the past few months on AEW. In fact, ever since Abadon arrived at the promotion, she had a thing with Shida.

That has intensified in the past month or so, with the two fighting a couple of gory battles inside the ring.

Abadon has a long-standing AEW rivalry with Hikaru Shida. (Abadon Twitter)
Abadon has a long-standing AEW rivalry with Hikaru Shida. (Abadon Twitter)

The most recent one featured Abadon turning into a zombie and taking a bite out of Shida’s neck; so that probably gives you an idea of how their rivalry is supposed to be on the show.

In light of that, Abadon’s reply to Shida’s tweet this week will seem even more hilarious. The AEW women’s champion posted a photo of herself inside her bathtub without any clothes on.

While AEW stars such as Tay Conti lavished praises on how good Shida was looking, Abadon stayed true to her character and gave a perfect reply of her own.

Abadon has the perfect reply to Hikaru Shida on Twitter

The Undead Girl replied with a GIF of Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street, where his infamous claws rise out of the water to attack actress Heather Langenkamp.

The Japanese clarified that the photo wasn’t just a random click she decided to take because she was bored.

She mentioned that it was done while she was filming the latest episode of her own min-series on YouTube, called Neo Izanagai,

Shida doesn’t act on the YouTube mini-show, and is unfortunately not to be seen in any of the shots.

However, her excellent videography is on display as she is the designated camera operator on the show.

It’s good to see the AEW star have time to pursue her hobbies outside the ring. Let’s hope she has a few memorable bouts with Abadon along the way.

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