Kenny Omega is to feature on Impact Wrestling next week as the partnership with AEW kicks off

There was a major shock to the system on this week’s AEW Winter is Coming after the main event.

Jon Moxley lost his AEW World Title to Kenny Omega thanks to some help from Don Callis.

While the screw job might have been the talking point in all this, there was a lot to come from Omega and Callis.

They ran into a car and Callis was left to speak out to the cameras. What the Canadian said was shocking to the world as he told that Omega would be coming out and explaining his actions on Tuesday.

That would have been fine but AEW doesn’t have Dynamite on Tuesdays. Callis then explained that Omega was to feature on Impact Wrestling, which is a direct rival for AEW.

AEW has tied up with other promotions in the past, and such deals aren’t new, but this is the first time that two rivals have actually teamed up, of sorts.

Time to take on WWE?

AEW and Impact aren’t on the same level as WWE in terms of salaries and budgets. However, the aim is to beat Vince McMahon’s promotion and that is impossible given the situation for both promotions.

Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes
Kenny Omega (L) and Cody Rhodes (C) are two of the top draws on AEW

AEW has done a great job under the leadership of Tony Khan and Cody Rhodes, but this tie-up could be a game-changer in the world of wrestling.

A partnership could see talent going from one promotion and taking on another, which can lead to interesting storylines.

The best talents from both promotions can lead to a lot of great matches too, and it could be reminiscent of the WCW and WWE invasion from a few years back.

While AEW does have some great male talents and even tag teams, the same cannot be said about the women’s division. Impact has a better women’s roster and matches between the two promotions could be something to look forward too.

Seeing Omega go to Impact and take on a Sami Callihan or a Moose or a Rich Swann could be something incredible too.

Impact and AEW also aren’t geared towards the PG crowd and they could be involved in some rather crazy storylines as well.

A bloodied Matt Hardy after Sammy Guevara attacked him which led to a head injury
A bloodied Matt Hardy after Sammy Guevara attacked him (AEW)

Details are still awaited regarding this partnership but if the cards are played right, they could take on WWE.

Impact and AEW are two flagship shows and they would now have their top stars featuring twice a week on different channels.

It is a win-win situation for AEW and Impact, and it will be interesting to see what is next for them on Tuesday.

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