AEW Dynamite Results, Winners, and Highlights 30 March


Here is everything about the AEW Dynamite Results, Winners, and Highlights from the 30 March episode

AEW Dynamite Results
AEW Dynamite Results

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite saw a surprise signing of a former WWE Superstar. There were some amazing matches with a sensational main event featuring Darby Allin and Andrade el Idolo.

CM Punk versus Max Caster

CM Punk and Caster went back and forth in this riveting match. Punk hit a running knee and followed it up with a bulldog. Caster distracted the referee as Anthony Bowens pulled Punk’s leg as he was about to deliver a springboard.

Caster missed with the Mic Drop as Punk took advantage, delivering a tombstone. Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice and much like last week, made his opponent tap out in the first match of the night.

After the grueling match, Punk said to Tony Schiavone that he will be the AEW World Champion before his run ends in AEW. This received a huge cheer from the crowd in attendance.

Result – CM Punk beat Max Carter

Jay Lethal versus Jon Moxley

Jay Lethal offered a handshake to start the match but Moxley was having none of it. In fact, Moxley slapped him later on during the match. Lethal threw the kitchen sink towards the end as he delivered a brainbuster and a diving elbow drop but it was only enough for a two count.

Moxley won the match when he delivered a Paradigm Shift to win via pinfall. After the match, Moxley did offer a handshake and a reluctant Lethal took his time before obliging.

Result – Jon Moxley beat Jay Lethal

FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) versus Ass Boys (Austin and Colten Gunn)

MJF joined in on commentary for this match. During the match, Wardlow was seen backstage marching towards the stage area taking out security guards who were trying to stop him in his tracks. Wardlow came through the audience area but was finally overwhelmed and escorted out by a dozen security guards.

Coming back to the match, Billy saved his son from a nearfall but Wheeler took him out. FTR hit the Big Rig on Gunn to score the pinfall victory.

After the match, FTR weren’t amused by what transpired during the match with Wardlow. MJF, however, calmed them down to end the segment.

Result – FTR beat Ass Boys

The Jericho Appreciation Society makes a statement

Chris Jericho along with his henchmen launched a brutal assault. Jericho took his bat and swung at his rivals Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz.

Jericho whipped Kingston with a leather strap before delivering the Judas Effect to bring the segment to a close.

Bryan Danielson versus Wheeler Yuta

William Regal joined in on commentary. Yuta had some great moments during the match against the veteran Bryan. The fans once again saw the ruthless version of Bryan as he hit a Psycho knee before Yuta spat on his opponent’s face.

This enraged Bryan as he finished the match after delivering a piledriver followed by the LeBell Lock as Yuta had no other option but to tap.

Result – Bryan Danielson beat Wheeler Yuta

Adam Page, Christian Cage and Jurassic Express take out Adam Cole and reDragon

Adam Page attacked Cole and reDragon inside the ring. As he was about to deliver the Buckshot Lariat on Cole, reDragon pulled the latter outside the ring.

They were escaping until Cage and Jurassic Express stopped them. A brawl ensues as Cage, Jurassic Express, and Page stand tall taking control of their hard-earned titles.

The Bunny versus Toni Storm (Owen Hart Tournament Qualifiying Match)

Yes, it’s the former WWE superstar Toni Storm who made her AEW debut to take on The Bunny. Storm had to work very hard to get the win as The Bunny showed her full repertoire of moves. The Bunny delivered a Death Valley Driver but Storm kicked out at two.

Storm delivered a German suplex and followed it up with Storm Zero to seal the victory. By virtue of this win, she qualified for the Owen Hart Tournament.

Result – Toni Storm beat The Bunny.

Andrade el Idolo versus Darby Allin

Sting didn’t accompany Allin for the match as he wanted Allin to win on his own. As Allin was making his entrance, Andrade took him out with a springboard outside the ring to gain the early advantage. Andrade threw Allin onto the stairs. A hurt Allin entered the ring and ensured the referee that he is fine to start the match.

Andrade dominated the initial stages of the match as a rattled Allin hung on. The perseverance did pay off as Sting’s protege delivered a Code Red. Andrade didn’t lose control of the match for too long. He delivered a high boot and a series of slaps and wore down Allin.

Allin hit a Stunner and Andrade came back with a backbreaker. Allin went for the submission but Jose tried to interfere. He was stopped in his tracks by Sting. However, The Butcher and The Blade came out to assault Sting as the numbers game caught up on the stalwart. Allin launched himself out of the ring to help his partner. As he looked to deliver a springboard on Andrade, he caught him and delivered a buckle bomb for the win.

Result – Andrade el Idolo beat Darby Allin

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