Here is everything about the AEW Dynamite Results, Winners, and Highlights from the 23 March episode

The crowd reactions for CM Punk during his match to kick off this week’s Dynamite was insane. Jeff Hardy’s epic Swanton Bomb captivated the fans. Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson defeated The Varsity Blonds in a very physical affair and more.

CM Punk versus Dax Harwood

CM Punk received a thunderous ovation as he made his entrance to start the show. His opponent, one half of FTR, Dax Harwood entered and he was all by himself as Cash Wheeler gave him a hug and left.

Dax took control of the match early on. Punk got back into the match with a few arm drags as Gunn Club were seen at ringside watching the match. Punk hit a bodyslam. Harwood delivered a suplex and a leg drop. He hit a backdrop as Gunn Club kept yelling at him from the front row. Harwood continued his domination until Punk evaded a diving headbutt which the former attempted.

Punk hit a standing legdrop and looked to climb the ropes but Harwood stopped him in his tracks. Punk managed to push him off the ropes and attempted his trademark elbow but Harwood had it scouted. The FTR member countered Punk’s running knee strike and delivered a Slingshot Powerbomb.

Harwood locked in a Sharpshooter but Punk managed to roll over and apply the Anaconda Vice to make Harwood tap out. The crowd in attendance let out the “This is Awesome” chants during the match.

Result – CM Punk beat Dax Harwood

Sting, Darby Allin and The Hardys versus Private Party, The Butcher and The Blade: 8-Man Tornado Tag Match

Allin and Sting didn’t wait for their opponents to enter the ring. They dived and took out all the members. Sting delivered a Stinger splash on the outside while Allin went into the crowd to get Butcher. Allin was in control until Andrade hit him from behind and Butcher capitalized to throw the 29-year-old down the steps.

Jeff Hardy had the best moment from the match as he delivered an insane Swanton Bomb from a window that was over 20 feet high to take out The Butcher and The Blade.

The match ended when Matt Hardy delivered a Twist of fate on Marq Quen and Sting hit a Scorpion Death Drop on Isiah Kassidy.

Result – Sting, Darby Allin, and The Hardys beat Private Party, The Butcher and The Blade

Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley versus Varsity Blonds

The veterans Danielson and Moxley dominated the initial phase with chest kicks and knees from the former while the latter delivered big right hands and scoop slams.

The Blonds did muster some offense as Moxley received a dropkick and spinebuster combo but Bryan and Moxley soon took the control back.

Bryan hit a Busaiku knee. Moxley with the overhead elbow. Moxley and Bryan won the match with their submission hold.

Result – Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley beat Varsity Blonds

MJF calls out Wardlow

MJF continued addressing Wardlow as “piggy” throughout the promo. The leader of The Pinnacle said he would strap Wardlow to a cross like Jesus. MJF said that the faction has no intentions of splitting as yet.

Adam Cole versus Jay Lethal

Adam Cole and Jay Lethal had a match to behold. Both the wrestlers countered each other’s moves throughout.

Towards the closing stages, Lethal missed a springboard dropkick. He tried a dropkick once again and this time he connected. Lethal with a couple of Tope Suicidas. Cole moved out of the way of a third one of those.

Cole countered a Figure 4 attempt into a cover for 2. He hit a superkick. Lethal came back with a cutter as the match went back and forth.

The match finished when reDRagon distracted the referee to allow Cole to hit a low blow and follow it up with the Boom to seal the deal.

Cole called out Adam Page who came out and whipped the former and the reDRagon with his belt. Cole, however, used the low blow again which allowed him and reDRagon to star the mauling on Page. He held the AEW World Title aloft as Jurrasic Express and Christian Cage ran in to make the save. Cole left with the Title.

Result – Adam Cole beat Jay Lethal

Red Velvet versus Leyla Hirsch

Velvet hit a corkscrew kick but couldn’t capitalize as Leyla rolled out to the apron. It was all a part of the plan as the “Legit” one dropped Velvet on the ropes.

Leyla got a turnbuckle from under the ring but the referee took it away from her. She, however, had another turnbuckle in her trunks and she hit Velvet with it the score the pinfall.

Hirsch’s relentless attack continued after the match. Statlander came to the aid of Velvet as Leyla retreated.

Vickie Guerrero interrupted Thunder Rosa who was on the stage area with Tony Schiavone. The distraction enabled Nyla Rose to attack Rosa from behind.

Result – Leyla Hirsch beat Red Velvet

John Silver and Alex Reynolds versus Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia

Silver and Jericho started the match. Soon afterward, Silver and Reynolds delivered a suicide dive and brainbuster combo.

In the ring, flapjack to uppercut on Garcia, and the Beaver Boys were on top. The referee made Dark Order leave the ring area. Jericho choked Reynolds in the ropes and follows it up with a lionsault but misses his target.

Silver entered the ring after the tag was made by Reynolds and he delivered lariats and flapjack. Silver went outside the ring and delivered a Frankensteiner on Jake Hager to take him out.

Y2J inside the ring delivered a Codebreaker. Jericho hit Reynolds with a baseball bat which the referee couldn’t see. Garcia locked in a Scorpion Death Lock to make Reynolds tap.

Result – Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia beat John Silver and Alex Reynolds

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