AEW Dynamite Results, Winners, and Highlights 20 Apr


Here is everything about the AEW Dynamite Results, Winners, and Highlights from the 20th April episode.

We didn’t have to wait too long to witness the dream match between Dustin Rhodes and CM Punk. Former AEW Women’s World Champion DR. Britt Baker returned to action in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match.

AEW Dynamite Results
AEW Dynamite Results

CM Punk versus Dustin Rhodes

This match took us on a nostalgia trip with some typically awesome old-school wrestling. CM Punk dominated the early goings of the match, wearing down The Natural. However, the early GTS attempt was countered by an arm drag from Dustin.

Later on in the match, Dustin hit a Code Red for a two count. Punk’s second attempt at delivering a GTS was also countered with a Power Slam.

Dustin hit a Cross Rhodes and followed it up with a Piledriver but Punk didn’t give up. The Second City Saint attempted a third GTS but Dustin slipped out. Punk, however, covered him to win a spectacular wrestling match.

Result – CM Punk beat Dustin Rhodes

Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, and Wheeler Yuta) versus Brock Anderson, Lee Moriarty, and Dante Martin

Martin and Yuta started the match. Bryan was tagged in as Martin displayed his quickness in the ring and used it to good effect.

Towards the closing stages, Brock delivered a spinebuster on Moxley. Moxley came back with a flurry of forearm shots and followed it up with a Bulldog Choke on Martin. The former Shield member ended the match with the Paradigm Shift.

Result – Blackpool Combat Club beat Brock Anderson, Lee Moriarty, and Dante Martin

Tony Khan came out and introduced the president of New Japan Pro Wrestling, Takami Ohbari. Before Khan could say anything, Adam Cole appeared on the tron and said he’s the most suited man to make the announcement.

He said on June 26th, AEW and NJPW will come together at the United Center for Forbidden Door, and Rampage will be having a preview as he and Tomohiro Ishii wrestle in an Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifying match.

Wardlow versus Andy “Butcher” Williams

Butcher tried his best to take out Wardlow. He pushed him into the apron outside the ring and dropped him. Inside the ring, Williams delivered a vicious clothesline and followed it up with a sit-down powerbomb but Wardlow kicked out at 1.

Butcher was in shock as Wardlow pulled his straps down and then went on delivering a series of powerbombs to win the match with ease as MJF and Shawn Spears were watching on in disbelief from a sky box.

Result – Wardlow beat Andy “Butcher” Williams

Kyle O’Reilly versus “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry (Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match)

Jack delivered a superkick, and a sunset flip for a two count. Kyle locked in the ankle lock but Perry reversed with a Snare Trap.

KOR made it to the ropes as Perry went up on top but the former met him with a superkick and delivered a thunderous superplex.

Kyle ended the match after delivering a brainbuster followed by the diving knee to the kidneys from the top rope to qualify.

Result – Kyle O’Reilly beat “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Meanwhile, Lance Archer volunteered to wrestle Wardlow next.

Hook versus Anthony Henry

Hook delivered a northern lariat followed by crossface strikes. Danhausen tried cursing Hook but the latter persisted with the crossface strikes.

Finally, Henry had to submit and after the match, Danhausen came to the ring and said if Hook didn’t want to get cursed, he better wrestle him. Hook, however, pushed Danhausen and left.

Result – Hook beat Anthony Henry

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD versus Dienelle Kamela (Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Qualifying Match)

Kamela put the choke on Britt with her own towel. The returning Britt delivered a wicked elbow and followed up with a Sling Blade.

Baker evaded an attempted lariat and landed a superkick followed by a fisherman neckbreaker. The match ended when Kamela submitted to the Lockjaw.

Result – Dr. Britt Baker, DMD beat Dienelle Kamela

Andrade el Idolo versus Darby Allin (Coffin Match)

Andrade took out Allin early on with the help of Blade and Marq Quen. The numbers advantage disrupted Darby’s chances in the match till Sting was spotted hiding in the crowd.

Sting took on the AFO boys. Outside the ring, Quen hit Sting with a chair on the balcony. Sting, however, knocked him to the floor. The Icon perched on the balcony and delivered a splash to the floor.

Towards the climax, Darby hit the Diamond Dust over the ropes and followed it up with a suicide dive taking himself and Andrade into the coffin.

Darby came out and inserted Andrade in properly. Jose came out to save Andrade but received a back body drop into the tacks for his effort. Darby closed the lid and sat on it to keep it closed.

Darby won the match as Sting helped him back into the ring. The Hardy Boyz appeared on the stage to do their famous “DELETE!” gesture to celebrate the downfall of Andrade.

Result – Darby Allin beat Andrade el Idolo