AEW Dynamite results and grades 30 Dec 2020: A fitting tribute to the greatness of Brodie Lee


AEW Dynamite results and grades: This was going to be a very emotional and different AEW Dynamite as the regular show was replaced with a tribute to Brodie Lee.

The 41-year-old passed away a few days back, which shocked the wrestling world. AEW decided to put on a show, which was partly created by Brodie Lee Jr, and the results and grades of this Dynamite would be a little different.

Brodie Lee Jr also wore a special mask
Brodie Lee Jr also wore a mask on this AEW Dynamite special (AEW)

Grading such an event shouldn’t have any negatives and here are the results. It’s Wednesday, you know what that means.

Yeah, yeah, yeah

The show opened with the entire AEW roster on the stage with Lee Jr wearing a Dark Order mask.

A 10-bell salute was played and Jim Ross also said Lee’s trademark line. Jon Moxley then spoke about how great Lee was and how they go way back.

Moxley also spoke about his love for Lee and claimed he would never forget him.

Young Bucks and Cabana vs Hardy and Private Party

The match went on as expected as any six-man tag would go. It was fun, fast-paced and there wasn’t any bad moves or anything like that.

Cabana was able to get the win thanks to the Bucks and Lee’s son was shown cheering in the crowd.

The acclaimed then came out to complain about the Dark Order taking up so much of the show but they were taken out.

Bucks and Cabana beat Party and Hardy

Archer, Grayson and Uno vs Kingston, Butcher and Blade

Darby Allin was next to speak about how great Lee was and he had no ego at all. Lance Archer paid a great tribute to Lee by wearing a jeans and tank top, similar to Luke Harper.

Eddie Kingston also paid tribute to Lee before calling out the Dark Order.

Uno and Grayson did their bit to get the win over the heels.

AEW then played another video package with many other stars speaking about how great of a family man Lee was.

Archer, Grayson and Uno win

Page, Reynolds and Silver vs MJF, Santana and Ortiz

John Silver also had a tribute to Lee by wearing a version of Lee’s wrestling gear. MJF tried to get into the head of Lee Jr and shouted at him.

There was a surprise as Erick Rowan, Lee’s former WWE partner, came out to take out Wardlow, which was a nice touch. MJF then took off Lee Jr’s mask and he got hit with a kendo stick and that allowed the faces to get the win.

Rowan then joined the winners in the ring and cried as Kingston also just about held it together as he spoke about Lee.

Page, Reynolds and Silver win

Jay and Conti vs Baker and Ford

The women then had the chance to pay tribute to Lee. Anna Jay, who joined the Order after Lee made an offer, teamed up with Taynara Conti to face Britt Baker and Penelope Ford.

As expected, Jay and Conti got the win and they celebrated. Baker then claimed that match was fixed and a ‘big rig’ which was a reference to Lee’s name form the indies. Thunder Rosa also got into the act and attacked Baker.

Conti and Jay beat Baker and Ford

10, Cody and Cassidy vs Taz Team

The main event saw 10, Cody Rhodes and Orange Cassidy take on Team Taz. However, Chris Jericho also shared some emotional stories about Lee and how much his dog even loved the departed star.

The match between the six was excellent with each star getting a chance to shine. It were the faces that got the win, however, Team Taz then attacked the faces before Darby Allin and Sting made their way to the ring and stood with Cody and Cassidy.

Cody, Cassidy and 10 win

The final goodbye

Cody then took centre-stage and almost broke down as he explained how difficult it was to write the memo about Lee’s passing away. He added that everyone in AEW loved him and then -1 (Lee Jr) came out with his mother.

He placed his father’s boots in the middle of the ring and Tony Khan presented the youngster with the TNT title and named him champion for life.

A final video package was played with a lot of clips and videos from his indie scene and also had a ton of family stuff.

This was the near perfect ending to the show that was all about Lee, and AEW hit it out of the park.

Grade Yeah Yeah Yeah

This was a different show and AEW hit the right notes. Lee was loved by many and will be a huge miss in the wrestling scene.

This was one of the most difficult shows I have had to watch and cover. Lee deserved this and a lot more and he must be smiling above us all after this night.

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