WWE and AEW Rumor Roundup for March 24, 2022, including Raw After WrestleMania, Kickoff on the USA, Bianca Belair and more!

These are all the latest rumor roundup in pro-wrestling, which are currently afloat. So let’s have a look at all the rumor roundup from WWE and AEW.

1.Raw After WrestleMania to see a lot of Big returns and surprises

Every year after WrestleMania, The Raw witnesses some of the biggest surprises and returns on the show. The Shows of Shows is just 10 days away, and the two nighter event will witness some fascinating bouts. 

According to Cageside Seats, there have been many talks about the RAW after WrestleMania, which always has some big surprises. However, no names have been confirmed yet.

It has been reported by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is holding back Cody Rhodes‘ return even after the signing is already done. Instead, they are looking to do something like a massive return of The Hardy Boyz five years ago.

“Every impression I have is that he’s doing the Hardys thing where you show up on the day of the show,” said Meltzer. “I mean, he could show up tomorrow. We got two Raw’s left. Like The Hardys when they showed up on the day of the show at WrestleMania. I know that that’s been talked about.”

2. Kickoff on USA Network 

According to PW Insider, the USA Network will broadcast a two-hour kickoff show for Wrestlemania Saturday on April 2, from 6-8 pm ET. However, it is said that it has been unclear if they will be doing the same for Sunday.

3. Update on Bianca Belair’s injury

Last Week on Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch returned and turned on Bianca Belair. She used a chair and Bianca’s hair to crush her throat on the ring post.

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch attacks Bianca Belair on Monday Night Raw (WWE)

WWE’s storyline update stated that she suffered a fractured hyoid bone in her throat due to the attack by Raw Women’s Champion. 

Now with just 10 days to go for the WrestleMania, some of the tenured members of the WWE has made it clear that Bianca Belair’s injury is only storyline, and she missed Raw this week to sell it.

4. FTR vs The Briscoes plans 

According to Fightful Select, there were plans to do FTR vs The Briscoes for quite some time, with those talks really getting going back in January. 

Everyone apparently worked hard to make sure the match could eventually happen. 

5. B-Fab is open to returning to WWE 

WWE Superstar B-Fab was released by WWE last year. However, she recently appeared on The Angle Podcast, where B-Fab revealed that she’s open to returning to WWE, but there is no plan for that.

B-Fab is one of the members of Hit Row

This is what she stated,

“I would be open to going back. For me, business is business. It is what it is. There’s nothing you can do about big companies and the decisions that they make. So there’s no reason to have any ill-feeling. You always just have to operate and do your thing as a business. So, I would go back.” (H/t Wrestling Inc.)

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