Adam Rose has turned his life around after going through some dark times in the WWE

The WWE has bucket-loads of talent on their rosters and many stars fall away after making a TV appearance or two.

That is half the story regarding Adam Rose. Not many will remember the South African wrestler from his time on Raw or SmackDown but he was pretty successful in FCW and NXT.

Rose, also known as Raymond John Leppan and Leo Kruger, was handed a party gimmick during his time with the promotion.

The South African would come to the ring accompanied by several party-goers.

Adam Rose
Adam Rose was released by the WWE in 2016

This wasn’t the greatest gimmick at the time in the WWE and unfortunately, things didn’t work out for him at the promotion.

Adam Rose suspension

Rose was suspended for violating the wellness program twice. The South African was suspended for 60 days but worse was to follow regarding another incident.

A domestic violence case saw Rose get banned indefinitely by the promotion (h/t WWE).

Depature from WWE

WWE granted Rose’s release from the company in 2016 and there was some good news regarding his violence case.

His domestic violence case was also dropped later but that was the end of his journey with the WWE.

Adam Rose
Adam Rose takes Apollo Crews to the corner (Credit: WWE)

The South African continued wrestling in independent circuits post his WWE release and announced his retirement on 18 March 2019.

Rose did honour all his remaining bookings and lost his final match on 14 June against Bull James.

Adam Rose WWE” is a thing of the past

The South African seems to have put his WWE days behind him as he posted some incredible photos on his Instagram.

The former wrestler star did thank his ex-employers for the support and helping him turn clean, and it is great seeing him buff up.

Rose wasn’t the most physical wrestler during his time with the promotion, but he seems to be doing something good at the moment.

The former wrestler posted a long message on Facebook thanking the WWE for their actions (h/t Wrestling Inc)

“God has given a me a second chance and I don’t plan to waste it. I want to thank the @wwe for their help. They went above and beyond for me even when I know I didn’t deserve it”.

A doctor has prescribed Adderdall to Rose for his ADHD (h/t Wrestling Inc).

Rose certainly seems to be enjoying his time off with his children and his transformation certainly has been incredible.


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