“A lot of people could have helped out…But they didn’t”-CM Punk has opened up about how WWE Lawsuit


CM Punk says the WWE Lawsuit could have destroyed him

During the post-AEW revolution media scrum, CM Punk spoke to the press and mentioned that WWE Lawsuit could have destroyed him and said that many people could have helped out, but they didn’t.

“I think it’s pretty essential to illustrate that I came out on the other side (of WWE lawsuit) still being me. All that shit could have destroyed me. Many people (in WWE) could have stood up and helped out, but they didn’t. “

This interview comes After Punk fought against MJF in a Dog Collar match at AEW Revolution 2022. It was a highly intense battle with blood and sweat all over them, and in the end, Punk came out victorious.

CM Punk
CM Punk defeats MJF in a dog-collar match at AEW Revolution (Twitter)

CM Punk says about his interest in the AEW World Title

While talking to the media scrum, CM Punk admitted that he is interested in a title shot. The former WWE Superstar said he liked Hangman Page but teased him for not having much wrestling left in Page.

Hangman Page
Hangman Page after winning his first Casino Battle Royale (Cageside Seats)

“I mean, I think so”, Punk said. “I mean, there’s people I want to wrestle here, just for rasslin’ sake. But after a while, I don’t know how much time I have. I don’t know how many matches I have left. So if I am not working my way towards a title shot, if I am not trying to be where Hangman is, I don’t know what I am doing. So, I do think that is something that might happen.

“Keep your eyes on it, I don’t know. There’s a ranking system here, I think I am doing pretty good, and we will see. I like Hangman, though, and it’s a lot easier to wrestle someone when you hate them. I like that cowboy.” (H/t Wrestling Inc.)

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