5 Ways Lionel Messi Could Change The Premier League If He Moves 


Ever since the UCL’s quarter-final 8-2 Barcelona tragedy, the heat has been on Lionel Messi’s football career. As keen gamblers keep tabs on the transfer status of the Argentine like a punter at , It now feels as though the entire world patiently awaits Messi’s decision since his turmoil with Barcelona began. The numerous times’ world-class player has barely hinted his next move. However, rumor has it that the EPL might just be the new home for the Argentine star. 

Aside from the possibility of these drama being Messi’s political strategy to instigate change in Barcelona, world elite clubs pray for his exit. It is without a doubt that the Barclays’ English Premier League is considered the most competitive of all home leagues. Looking at Messi’s drive towards success, it only makes sense that he’d be thrilled to have a taste of the EPL. So what if Messi moves to EPL? What significant changes would occur in the League, if any? 

Pressure On Club Managers 

The Barclays’ English Premier League has witnessed a series of talented managers capable of providing results even with mediocre players. Club Managers in the EPL often strategize their plays on the team other than a player. With Messi in the EPL, his playing style might cause slight changes in every opponent club’s tactics. Of course, England is filled with experienced and talented players. However, it’d take imminent club managers to remain focused and rely on their plays. 

Increases The Goal Rankings Of The League 

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Lionel Messi has always been an intriguing player with a skillet for scoring goals. Whilst many believed his goal-scoring expertise would wane in his later years, unlike a certain Cristiano Ronaldo, He’s continued to top goal rankings in La Liga multiple times. The presence of Lionel Messi on the English soil would stare up a bloodlust for goals among forward players. 

Over the years, we’ve had a fair rotation of the top goal rankings player in England. However, Messi has had that title to himself a couple of times. The influence of Lionel Messi would create a sudden spike in the goal rankings of the EPL if he moves. Frankly, everyone would expect for such entertainment. 

The EPL Gets More Television Rights 

One interesting thing about having a world-ranked player in a league is the global attention it attracts. I’ve always felt that these players should be given incentives for this reason though. Since the recent CR7’s move to Juventus a few years back, the Seria A has gotten more television rights. 

In as much as it’s obvious that the club benefitted more, the Seria A management benefitted even more from the move. If Lionel Messi makes a move to the Barclays’ English Premier League, then they’d be an increase in revenue for the league. 

A Glance Of Skillful Football 

Only on rare occasions do we get players as skilful as Lionel Messi in the EPL. Even the very few who have played the league never expressed themselves as much. The reason being the EPL is more of a physical and athletic league than an entertainment league. Having Messi in England would give the supporters moments to awe about from time to time. Once Messi breaks the barrier of skills showcase in England, other talented players would emerge. 

Skyrocket EPL Revenue 

As we mentioned about television rights, the EPL would enjoy a sudden increase in revenue. From brand endorsements to crowded spectators, sports investment companies, and so on. The EPL would get their revenue doubled if not tripled just as the case of CR7 in Seria A. With multiple investors trooping into the English Premier League, the league benefits in sales. The increased revenue would be generated from ticket sales, players’ endorsements, an increase in shares, and so on.  

All these are a few changes the move of Barcelona’s forward, Lionel Messi would bring on EPL. Let’s see what he decides in the long run.