5 MMORPGs that are better than WoW


World of Warcraft has shaped the genre and helped create these better versions. Here are some of the MMORPGs that are better than WoW. 

World of Warcraft was released almost seventeen years ago. It completely changed the MMORPG genre. The game has managed to be fresh and relatable by consistently releasing new content. But still, there are certain areas where the game is lacking.

If you find that the game doesn’t include the content you are looking for, you can try out some of these other games. Also with the recent controversy surrounding Blizzard entertainment and players cancelling their subscription you can switch to any one of these games.

5 MMORPGs better than WoW

  1. Guild Wars 2
  2. The Elder Scrolls Online
  3. Final Fantasy 14
  4. TERA
  5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

1. Guild Wars 2

World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 can be considered as polar opposites of each other. It has certain similar elements to WoW but the gameplay is completely different. You can opt for this game if you are looking for a new gameplay style with an amazing storyline. Guild Wars 2 has nine different classes with five races. Each of them has its own unique abilities and traits. The customization options for your character are very advanced catering to every individual style.

In the game, the players have to band together and fight in the events and mini storylines. The player’s performance and abilities have a huge impact on the story of the game. The modern graphics are absolutely stunning. The core game has been made completely free to play. You can purchase the expansion packs if you enjoy the storyline of the game. 

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Guild Wars 2 gameplay (Steam)

2. The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls is one of the best RPGs of all time. They entered the MMORPG genre with the Elder Scrolls Online game. With this multiplayer option, you can spend more time in this universe with your friends or complete strangers. The events of the MMORPG take place 1000 years before the Skyrim storyline and 800 years before the Morrowind and Oblivion storyline. Staying true to the Elder Scrolls tradition, your journey begins as a prisoner in Coldharbour Wailing Prison. 

After you escape, you can explore the continent of Tamriel freely. The game has all the classic elements of an MMORPG where you spend time battling monsters, discovering dungeons and caves with friends or strangers. The game has some expansion packs which introduce some new regions along with existing ones from the old games. You can travel to the regions of Murkmire and Summerset by purchasing the expansion packs. The developers have also announced plenty of new upcoming DLC content.

Elder Scrolls Online gameplay (Steam)

3. Final Fantasy XIV

The Final Fantasy series is one of the best selling and longest running franchises of all time. The fourteenth edition of the game is a story of heartwarming redemption. After the initial backlash surrounding the subpar quality of the game, Square Enix completely revamped the game. Final Fantasy fans will be extremely satisfied with this revamped version. The game has an epic story with the constant fight between good and evil in a gorgeous environment. The characters are superbly written along with the flashy cut scenes. 

The game offers plenty of flexibility with their class choice. You can unlock the ability to choose from its eight combat classes at level 10. This is a huge benefit as the players can try out different roles and abilities. The developers are consistently adding new content for the game with some amazing storylines. The Shadowbringers expansion pack has also added new races, jobs and many new features. It is a great game for Final Fantasy fans and first-timers alike.

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Final Fantasy XIV gameplay (Steam)


TERA is a wonderful MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studios. It is the same studio that developed the most popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds. TERA was highly inspired by World of Warcraft but has also added some of its own unique twists. The game has over 80 meticulously designed zones with amazing visuals. The world building of the game is simply amazing. TERA has 12 different classes and 7 races. You can choose to play one of these characters and explore the open world of TERA. 

The game has an abundance of content for the players to enjoy. The new expansion packs introduce areas like the floating island of Exodor. This floating island was previously inaccessible to the players. New equipment and gear along with the brand new dungeons and quests keep the game exciting and fresh. The collectable items can also grant you some amazing bonuses.

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TERA Online gameplay (youtube)

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic

You can also take part in the adventures in the galaxy far far away by playing the franchise’s MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. The movies have set up an amazing world with so many heroes and villains. You can choose to play from eight classes from the Empire and Republic. Every one of these characters has a detailed and dramatic back story. You can take the role of the characters that you have seen in the movies. 

As an Imperial Agent, you can work for the Empire by killing the terrorists. You can even be a Jedi Knight and hunt down the Sith while protecting the galaxy. You can be a Sith Inquisitor and play the politics of the Star Wars universe. This superb MMORPG is one of the best Star Wars games that you can enjoy.

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The Old Republic gameplay (youtube)

These were our top picks for some of the better MMORPG games as compared to World of Warcraft. You can enjoy these games to have a different experience from WoW.

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