What do you do if you have a creative idea for a game but not enough money? You turn to Kickstarter. Here are 5 games funded on Kickstarter that might be extremely good in 2021/22

Studios who are stuck with the cash flow turn to Kickstarter. It is a great platform for the developers to engage with the actual customers. Interested parties can check out the game and the team behind it and decide to support the cause.

In the past, Kickstarter has produced some of the best games in the last decade. Here are 5 Kickstarter games that you should watch out for in 2021/22. 

Near Mage

Near-Mage is a narrative-heavy adventure game with a bit of role-playing DNA that aims to appeal to hardcore players of the genre and newcomers alike.

The main story of the game revolves around the character going to a magic skill to become a mage and fight monsters. It has a deep and engaging story just like an adventure game.

The game has over 80 lush environments which have been pain painstakingly hand-painted. It has a great soundtrack recorded with actual instruments. 

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SCP: Pandemic

SCP: Pandemic is a hardcore cooperative first-person tactical shooter. It has a high focus on immersive combat and semi-linear storytelling. The current design efforts are a mixture of huge open spaces for PvE combat.

In addition to focused points for linear objectives and horror sequences that will make you feel vulnerable in the vast darkness and claustrophobic passageways. It is an exciting survival horror game reminiscent of the 2020 pandemic.

The Garden Path

The Garden Path is a slice-of-life sim coming to PC about the joy of gardening, and the small pleasures that follow. Whether you’re fishing, growing, trading or simply hanging with new friends.

It is a casual game where you can simply enjoy the little things in life. The game is being developed by a sole illustrator.


5 Force Fighters

This is a high intensity, fast-paced 2D fighting game. 5 force Fighters features a diverse cast of characters and an intriguing story to accompany all the action. The game features hand-drawn animations and a largely Jazz & Hip-hop inspired soundtrack. 

You’ll be ready to experience a combat system brimming with unique mechanics and flashy moves that feel great.

Esdraz The Throne of Darkness

This is a Metroidvania focused on a dynamic combat system where the player can choose between a great arsenal that can adapt to any play style. The players will face evolving enemies and bosses, so it will be necessary to think out different strategies to defeat them.

With different areas to wander, exploring will be rewarded with secrets, puzzles, special enemies. As you go forward into the game, you will unlock skills that will allow you passage to inaccessible places. 

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