In the championship of Spain, there is a serious and intense struggle for the gold medals of the national tournament. provides a good opportunity to make your own prediction on the race for gold medals.

This time, Real Madrid have challenged the Catalan Barcelona, ​​which has had the worst start in a few decades. The situation in the standings for the Blau Granas began to change for the better only closer to mid-autumn. By that time Lionel Messi finally returned to the field, and thanks to his goals Barca managed to move to the first place again.

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Don’t forget that in the current season the team is becoming more and more dependent on Lionel Messi, and without its leader it quite often makes mistakes, especially in away matches. This trend cannot but worry the fans, because the newcomers, on the purchase of which the club spent several hundred million euros this summer, have not yet fully justified the trust although Griezmann and De Jong have already repeatedly distinguished themselves in effective moves for Barca.

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However, despite local difficulties, the team is still the main favorite of the champion race. Real is too unstable, and as practice shows, if Barcelona is already in the group of leaders, then it will not lose its position. If we talk about the strong points of the Catalans in addition to Messi, who is just in amazing shape, then we can highlight the following:

  1. Individual skills of other club leaders. Due to the top stars in the roster, the here are traditionally very high.
  2. Depth of lineup. This allows Ernesto Valverde to rotate or strengthen the squad as the game progresses.

All these are important trump cards in the struggle over a long tournament distance. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy high football odds, which are among the most attractive on the market. Barcelona has an impressive experience of performing in the domestic and international arenas, which should help it this time.


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