In Video games, everyone loves to explore action, horror and adventure. Some games are based on real-life events. Not many creators of games focus on important social issues. Games that cover social issues deserve a round of applause. Here are 17 games that primarily focus on day-to-day life issues, social issues and more.

Best Social Games in 2024

That Dragon, Cancer 

  • Theme – Cancer
  • Platform – PC, iOS , and Android 

This War of Mine

  • Theme – War
  • Mode – Single-player 
  • Genre – Survival 

This war-based survival game takes place in Pogoren, Graznavia where you play as a survivor. You have to survive attacks, manage hunger and interract with other survivors to stay active. As a novice, you have to showcase your survival skills and win the war. At night, you can roam outside and craft materials for making tools and food. This Was of Mine is one of the highest grossing social games.

Depression Quest

  • Theme – Depression 
  • Platform – Windows, Linux 
  • Theme – Immigration 
  • Mode – Single-player 
  • Theme – Child Abuse
  • Mode – Single-player 


  • Theme – Surveillance 
  • Mode – Multiplayer 

Bycatch is a spy adventure game. You have to use your device and spy on terrorists. Enemies will hide with drone surveillance and you have to keep tracking them frequently and catch the entire gang.

Social Games
17 Games That Address Important Social Issues 2

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons 

  • Theme – Struggles of Kids
  • Mode – Single-player, Multiplayer 

Brothers focuses on the tale of two innocent kids who just lost their mother. You have to complete puzzles, cross ledges and overcome difficult levels to progress. The two boys have to travel across hills and villages to find medicines to cure their dad’s illness.

Life is Strange

  • Theme – Bullying 
  • Genre – Adventure 


  • Theme – Peace 
  • Mode – Single-player 

Undertale is hailed as one of the best indie games. Though it’s an RPG, players can prefer to play the safe game to overcome monsters. In Undertale, you have to save a child that’s fallen underground. You have to befriend monsters, explore caves and solve puzzles in the campaign.


  • Theme – Survivals 
  • Mode – Single-player 

A graphic adventure game that you play in 2.5D. In Oxenfree you play as Alex, a teenage girl who is trapped in the fictional Edward Island. Alex and her companions unleashed a paranormal force and they have to overcome challenges to escape. Oxenfree has 3D characters and 2D environments.

Kentucky Route Zero

  • Theme – Survival 
  • Mode – Single-player 

A Point-and-click adventure where you play as Conway, a Truck Driver. Conway has to complete rides and overcome challenges in the mysterious route zero of Kentucky. Conway works at an antique shop for a woman called Lysette. The story takes a turn when Conway takes a delivery that’s miles across his home.

Gone Home

  • Theme – Homophobia
  • Genre – Exploration 
  • Mode – Single-player 

Gone Home is a first-person exploration game that takes place in the year 1995. Katie, the protagonist, returns from overseas to her hometown in Boon County, Oregon.  Katie’s family members go missing and she starts reading a note to investigate things against the wish of her sister, Samantha. It’s revealed that Samantha is a lesbian and her parents are against this. Sam has somehow managed to meet her lover, Lonnie. Kat has to find clues to find other events and meet her sister.


  • Theme – Friendship 

Play as Yarny, an anthropomorphic creature made using Yarn in this puzzle platform adventure game. You can use Yarn to cross bridges and solve puzzles. Yarny is made of red yarn and the story focuses on its adventure in its different environments where the creature creates bonds with unknown creatures and overcomes challenges.

Among the Sleep

  • Theme – Domestic Violence 
  • Mode – Single-player 

Among the Sleep is a first-person horror and thriller game. An intriguing exploration game where you play as a Toddler. The life of Toddler changes when his parents fight at the kid’s birthday event. Toddler is accompanied by a Teddy Bear throughout the journey. With teddy, you can explore dangerous environments and complete quests.

The Way of Life

  • Theme – Love
  • Mode – Multiplayer 

The Way of Life is a simple adventure where you explore stories of different persons in different timelines. The stories of a person as a child, adult and old man are shown beautifully. The Way of Life is not only a game, it’s an experience of three different persons and how they approach their lives from their perspectives.


  • Theme – Compassion 
  • Platforms – PC, Mac

Shelter is an amazing survival game where you play the role of a mother badger. She has to feed her cubs and save them from birds, animals and wildfires. You have to hunt prey like foxes or get fruits and vegetables to satisfy the cubs’ hunger.

Whisper of A Rose

  • Theme – Bullying 
  • Platform – PC

Whisper of a Rose is an indie adventure and RPG. Play as Melrose, a young girl, whose life is full of sorrow. After getting bullied by her parents and school friends, Melrose decides to pursue happiness in her dream world where she only sees beautiful things and new friends. Once the dream is over, Melrose visits a sparky ladybug called Diamond and decides to explore magical lands in the open world.

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