10 Best two player Games on Phone



Want to play the best two player phone games? Check our listicle and indulge yourself in these ten amazing two player games on phone.

In Multiplayer video games, you play against 2, 3 or even 10 players in a single server. You can play against online players with the internet or play against local players without wifi. Though competitive and co-op multiplayer games have become a trend, players are still hyped about two player games. In two player games, you play against a single player or the computer bot. Here are the best two player phone games to play right now.

Top 10 Two Player Games on Phone

Here are ten best two player phone games that you can play against/with friends. Also, you can play these Spiderman games and become the superhero in your city.


Uno is a classic card game where you team up with a friend and play against 2 others in 2v2 mode. In Uno, you can play as a guest or sign in using Facebook or Google Play. The concept of Uno is simple. You have to throw a card of the same color and you can choose the same number if you don’t have that color. Once your turn arrives, you have to match either the color or number.

Utilize the ‘Call Uno’ feature if your number of cards is less than 2. Use Skip, Reverse and Wild Cards to remain in the game. You can play the classic Uno to get coins and diamonds.  With coins and diamonds, you can purchase new items and decorations. You can purchase Clovers and maximize your chances of winning Uno games. Overall, Uno is one of the best two player phone games to play with friends, kids and families.

2 Player Games – The Challenge

In this game, you will find all types of 2 player games to play with your friends or AI. There’s a Soccer Pool game,  there’s Ping Pong and you can even play Tic TaC Toe. You can play vs World, Bot or a friend. You can play against friends in a single device and random players through the multiplayer mode. 2 Player Games has plenty of mini-games. You can compete against your friends in a common device and participate in challenges.


Two player games
10 Best two player Games on Phone 2

The strategy-based card battle game. Use your cards, spells and magic to beat your friends in the ranked mode. Hearthstone has PvP, PvE and competitive modes. The goal remains the same and you have to summon the best AoE spells and cards to unleash your decks. Battle against 7 friends and use your best cards and strategies to win titles. In the PVE of Hearthstone, you can train and learn strategies.

Beach Buggy Racing

A 3d kart racing game where you pick your vehicles and drive through beaches, off-roads and more tracks. Here, you can play in daily challenges, or explore the split screen feature and race against your friends. In some challenges, drivers will be eliminated in 15 seconds. You can use either the Tilt or Tap control to race. You can collect powerups and boosters while driving. The competitive mode in Beach Buggy Racing has different racing series like Coconut Cup, Sunshine Sprint, Chowder Bowl and Typhoon Trophy.

Each race has a goal and you have to beat othe drivers and complete the 1st Goal achivement target to claim gold coins. Race against bosses and earn gems. With more tickets, you can unlock new challenges. Every race in BB Racing has many levels and you have to complete everything to unlock leagues. Earn trophies and increase your ranks.

Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey is an arcade simulation game. Glow Hockey offers 1 Player, 2 Player and Championship modes. Each mode has 4 difficulty levels Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. Gameplay in Glow Hockey is fast and you have to tap the ball and block it with your equipment. The two player mode in Glow Hockey can be played on the same device and the one who scores the most goals will get all rewards.


Dual is an action game and a battle between two players. Here, you play against local players in the Duel, Defend and Deflect game modes. You have to charge your attacks and block bullets. Tilt your device to move balls. In the Duel, you have to shoot battles and destroy enemy’s bases. You have to keep charging your attacks and watch out for incoming laser shots as well.

In the Defend mode, you have to swipe and block incoming attacks. In the Deflect, you play against friends and launch bullets to score goals. Timing is essential to success in the Dual game. In Dual, you can reset your progress and begin from the start. The premium mode can be unlocked to add new content and you can invite more Dual friends to your servers.

Basket Ball Stars: Multiplayer

Basket Ball Stars is a 3d real-time sports game with stunning graphics and Features. The gameplay is fast-paced and you can play against friends in 1v1 battles. You can practice in the offline mode and then play against the top-ranked Basket Ball players across the world. With available cash, you can join the Shooting Race challenges. Start winning matches to unlock the Career and Attack-Defender game modes as well. 

Every match in Basket Ball Stars will take place in different locations like Venice Beach, Dubai Terrace, College Campus and Tokyo Streets. But to unlock these courts, you have to reach milestones and increase your in-game levels. The objective in Basket Ball Stars is simple as you just have to shoot balls in the court with perfect power and ability.

Tank Stars

Tank Stars is an arcade action shooter game and one of the highest downloaded two player phone games. Here, you play as a tank in a remote location. Fire your shots on the other tank with a perfect timing. Use your power and angle to unleash attacks. The tank that loses more energy will eventually lose the battle. Aim for a perfect shot on the enemy’s tank and explode it completely.

You can use weapons, booster packs and equipment for tanks to enhance its powers. Once you start losing fuel, the other tank will gain advantage and win the combat. Aim, Angle and Power are key techniques to win games in Tank Stars. Tank Stars is a world-class tank shooter game and one of the best two player phone games of all-time.

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is a classic carrom board game to play with your friends. You can play against random players in the guest mode and friends through Facebook. Drag your striker and strike your pucks with perfect power and timing. Win matches to earn more coins and utilize them to unlock new carrom boards and boosters. Carrom Pool is a fun board game for mobile.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is deemed as the highest grossing and most downloaded pool game of all time. An incredible billiards game that you can play with friends and computer bot. You can participate in 1v1 board game or unleash your full skills in 8 player tournaments. Use your cue, aim for a perfect shot and tap the power button to shoot balls.

In 8 Ball Pool, you can pick an avatar and select a username before playing. In the first shot, you can utilize your full power and shoot balls. As you win more games, you will unlock the best cue as a reward. You can use cash to purchase the Supreme and Billionaire Cue. Win matches to earn VIP Points and Cash.

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