10 Best Chess Games to Play on iPhone



Do you want to play the best iPhone chess games? Then, check our curated list of chess games that you can play on iPhone and iOS platforms.

While playing chess games, your skills are tested. Chess games are not like other usual video games where you can simply complete objectives and win battles. Chess game is something unique where the game is between the brain and abilities. A wrong move always results in a loss and the other player wins the game. You can play chess against friends, online players and computer bots.

Chess games on mobile are simple to play. But still you have to think wisely and make your move. Some games are time-based and some don’t have any time limit. Here’s our listicle that includes ten best iPhone chess games to play right now. If you are a lover of investigation games, then here are the best detective games for mobile.

Top 10 best iPhone chess games

Chess – Play & Learn

Chess Play & Learn is an innovative board game. This 3D chess game has an online multiplayer mode where you play against top-ranked chess players. A match will last no longer than 30 minutes and you can interact with opponents as well. Chess tournaments are available and you can explore more challenges against elite players. Before tournaments, you can practice chess against the computer and test your skills.

In Chess, there are more than 20 board themes and you can select your favorite chess variants as well. The tutorial mode will guide you everything about chess moves, strategies and new tactics. In the offline chess mode, you can play against your friends on a private server. Overall, Chess Play & Learn is a classic board game for iPhone and iOS platforms.

Chess Online – Clash of Kings

Chess Online is a battle between top-rated chess players. Here, you can play with an online friend, explore the Blitz mode and collect rewards. Chess Online has 10 difficulty levels and each game will be different. You will be given some hints and this helps you make moves easily. There’s an undo option as well. Play chess online with friends and learn new strategies.

Once you master the online chess mode, you can participate in Blitz Arena tournaments and other live events as well. By winning online chess tournaments, you can unlock new avatars, gold, stickers and chess boards. There’s a mini-game mode and here you can practice chess fully. You have to make the right moves and checkmate bots in limited moves.

Chess Royale

Chess Royale is for those sharp and creative minds. In Chess Royale, you can play against AI bots, explore the offline mode with friends and compete against premium players across the world. Chess Royale offers 8 different game modes and there are many tournaments as well. With available moves, you have to outsmart opponents and win games.

Win games to unlock new chess themes, designs and layouts. Join weekly leagues and play against chess players around the world. With more wins, you can find your name in the global Chess Royale leaderboard charts. The best feature of Chess Royale is, you will be shown hints and you can find how many moves are left to checkmate opponents. Claim gifts and use them to unlock new chess boards.

Play Magnus – Play Chess

A unique chess game for iPhone users. Here, you will play against none other than the legendary chess player, Magnus Carlsen. The Norwegian grandmaster will be your opponent in this tactical board game. You can play with Magnus, discover new strategies and get trained under him. Once you progress, you can play chess with Carlsen’s friends including Judit Polgar and Wesley So.

Chess Clash – Play Online 

Chess Clash is a battle of games between two intelligent players. Here, you can explore the classic chess mode and play against random players in the fast-paced quick mode. You can choose your chess arena before playing matches. Each chess arena offers different rewards. You can take part in mini-games and find missing chess pieces.

Every game mode in Chess Clash offers various rewards and you can play against Pro chess players all over the board. There are daily missions and weekly challenges and you can win new chess boards, golden box and chess pieces. Chess Clash is an exciting game and one of the best chess games right now.


Chess is one of the highest grossing chess games for mobile. In Chess, you can play with friends and computer bots. You can choose any 2D or 3D chess themes. Before the game begins, you can choose either Black or White color pieces. There are five different difficulty levels in Chess, but you will be given hints for the following moves.

You can play a chess game by selecting your preferred duration. The time control feature in Chess allows up to 60 minutes. Another best feature of Chess is you can auto-save whenever you are busy. You can save your progress and then continue to play Chess. Chess is one of the best iPhone chess games that has Hd Graphics, exciting content and amazing music.

Real Chess Master 3D

The Classic chess game is back in 3D. Real Chess Master offers 3D graphics and a virtual chess set. You will play against AI and friends in the real world. There are more than 2000 AI difficulty levels in Real Chess Master 3D and each level will show hints for the next set of moves. You can play in both 2D and 3D chess board variants. Real Chess Master is a challenging board game where you need to showcase your mettle and skills to win games.

Chess Mates

In Chess Mates, you can participate in different game modes. Chess Mates has 2-3-4 player features and you can choose your variants and participate in matches. There’s a classic 2 player game mode and other game modes as well. You can play Chess Mates with friends in the multiplayer mode and compete against AI bots in strategy-based games.

Chess Time – Multiplayer Chess

Chess Time is an online board game from Haptic Apps LLC. A unique chess game that you can play against online players. In Chess Time, you can take your time to make a move. A player can use strategy and make the next move even after multiple days. Number of moves and total duration will be shown at the top of the game. You can choose your board and start playing against computer or online friends. Chess Time is one of the unique and best iPhone chess games right now.

Real Chess 3D

Real Chess 3D  is a competitive multiplayer board game. With 3D graphics and realistic sets, you can play against bots and friends. Real Chess 3D has 4 difficulty levels. You can customize boards, borders and utilize the checkers to win games. In Real Chess 3D, there are only limited moves. You have to make the move before the timer ends and checkmate opponents quickly. Real Chess 3D is one of the best iPhone chess games to play with friends.

The best iPhone chess games for 2024 have been shared here. Showcase your skills, outsmart your opponents and win trophies in these best chess games. If you love fighting games, then check out these 10 WWE games for Android.

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