“Waste of time” – Sheamus has his say on the Carabao Cup

Sheamus shows off his title winning collection in the WWE

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Former WWE Champion Sheamus feels the Carabao Cup is a Waste of time 

WWE Superstar Sheamus recently did an interview with GiveMeSport. He was asked about giving a promo on Arsenal ahead of the big Carabao Cup second-leg semi-final at the emirates this year on Thursday against Liverpool.

Sheamus is the new United States Champion after WrestleMania 37
Sheamus is the new United States Champion after WrestleMania 37

The Celtic Warrior, in response, mentioned that Carabao Cup is a “Waste of Time”. He was quoted saying,

“I don’t know how many coffee in me, but promo wise, it was a bigger team in Arsenal, and I probably would because it’s Arsenal, but I don’t think a big promo is needed, I just feel that they need to go out there and not do what they did in the last game. I don’t think Arsenal are in the same league as Liverpool, but Arsenal definitely is a great side. I don’t know how this will go over, but to be honest, I couldn’t care less about the Carabao Cup. If you put it in a situation where like what cups are important, if I had a leak in me roof, The Carabao cup would be there basically catching all the water. So, that’s how I really feel about the Carabao Cup I just think this cup is an absolute Waste of Time. I firmly believe that Liverpool is way above that cup. All I care about was the Premier League, The Champions League and of course, I think The FA Cup is the only cup that should exist for sentimental reasons.”

Carabao Cup
Carabao Cup is a football competition in men’s domestic English Football (Twitter)

Liverpool to face Arsenal at the semi-finals of the Carabao Cup on 20th January

After an unseemly amount of drama given to the status of the competition due to the virus, the second leg of Liverpool’s Carabao Cup semi-final with Arsenal is about to finally take place tonight on the 20th of January.

Liverpool takes on Arsenal at the Carabao Cup semi-final tonight (Sky Sports)

This is Liverpool’s chance to partake in their first non-European cup final under Jurgen Klopp, and following the 0-0 draw at Anfield last week, a win in any manner will get them through to the finals.

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