Tyler Breeze shares reason why AEW isn’t on his mind

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Tyler Breeze will not be moving to AEW in the near future

Tyler Breeze was released from the WWE on the 25th of June, as a part of the promotion’s budget cuts.

He had been a part of the promotion since 2010 (back when NXT was FCW), and spent almost 6 years in the main roster, primarily alongside his teammate Fandango. Fandango was also released on the 25th of June, 2021.

TYler Breeze
Tyler Breeze (R)

With the majority of the released WWE Superstars heading towards AEW, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they (AEW) have a roster comprising more than 50% of the wrestlers from the WWE.

In the wake of this, Breeze addressed the same in an interview with Chris Van Vliet. Unlike many others, Breeze stated that joining the AEW “isn’t on his mind” currently.

Sharing the reason for the same, Breeze claimed that nobody would even know what’s happening due to the number of big names that are heading to the rival promotion, and hence his entry wouldn’t make a massive impact.

He was quoted as saying:

“”There is a lot happening right now and it’s a very exciting time for wrestling, which is cool…At the same time, at AEW, there are a lot of people debuting and everyone is moving around all over the place. I don’t know if I even wanted to go there if it would make a massive impact. I don’t think it would be like, “OH MY GOD!’ because now it’s kind of the norm and a lot of people are going there and there might be some big names going there. Nobody knows what’s happening. I just feel like now is not the time for me to even go towards there.” [via Fightful.com]

Tyler Breeze says he is “okay with taking a break”

Breeze who is 33 now, has been a wrestler from a very young age. He joined during his late teens.

And, hence, Breeze revealed that he would be okay with taking some time off.

He told Van Vliet:

At the same time, I’ve wrestled for 14 years straight and I’m okay with taking a break. My body actually likes it and I get enough wrestling at the school to keep myself good.” [via Fightful.com]

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