(Photos) Lacey Evans shares incredible photos of almost life-like action figure

Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans
Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans during a segment (Image credit: WWE)

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Lacey certain enjoys all her action figures

WWE superstar Lacey Evans took to Twitter to reveal pictures of her copying her action figure’s pose.

The Southern Belle has posted videos of her action videos in the past too. She seems to be enjoying all these models, and they do look quite life-like.

Evans has kept herself active during the quarantine period. Last month, the Sassy Southern Belle posted the a video on Twitter, showing how she’s placed numerous ladders in her yard in order to get ready for the legendary match at Money in the Bank.

The video showed Evans climbing and down and leaping between ladders of various sizes numerous times. She apparently does this 40 times, non-stop.

She then ends the video asking her followers to comment on what she can add to her home training course in order to prepare better for the match.

WWE star Lacey Evans is training hard for Money in the Bank 2020
Lacey Evans walks down the ramp during a WWE show (WWE)

She also posted a cute workout video featuring her daughter. Evans and her daughter are in isolation like many others. They are making good use of their time by sharing several workout videos.

Evans on WWE releases

WWE released and furloughed many wrestlers and talents over the past few weeks. While speaking to The Walkway Fight Club podcast, Evans discussed WWE’s recent releases. She stated that this news hit her hard because she knows what it’s like to come up with no money.

Evans had a hard upbringing and she’s not shy about bringing it up. She said that she is familiar with that sick feeling associated with not know what you’re going to do next and felt very bad for those individuals.

Rusev WWE
Rusev was released by WWE recently (Image credit: Getty)

Evans explained that she takes news like that hard as she knows what it’s like to come from no money and a rough childhood. She noted how she knows what “rock bottom feels like” and described that sick feeling a person can get when “you don’t know what you’re doing to do.”

The SmackDown star stressed that WWE is incredibly supportive, however. Evans added how the company ensures that everyone is taken care of, explaining how they make sure that “everybody has what they need and is taken care of, and to the point of going forward.”

Evans conceded that it is an undeniably “crapping feeling” and that she can’t imagine being in their position.

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