Paul Heyman shares what goals Roman Reigns has after Survivor Series

Roman Reigns (WWE)

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Paul Heyman reveals the future plans of Roman Reigns after the Survivor Series 

Roman Reigns has been the number one performer in WWE for this year, and his reign as a WWE Universal Champion is growing more with time. Paul Heyman, the particular personal counsel of The Tribal Chief, spoke to regarding Reigns future goals and his next challenger.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns after defeating Big E at Survivor Series 2021 (WWE)

Heyman said that the focus is now on the next challenger who is going to emerge from SmackDown. The goal is to create great content and defend the Universal championship and make SmackDown better in the coming weeks.

“The next goal for Roman Reigns is clear, and that is to be better tomorrow than he is today.

“His goal is to be better in two weeks than he is next week, to make next week’s SmackDown better than this week, and to make the SmackDown that airs in three weeks better than it is in two weeks.” (h/t Sports Illustrated)

Roman Reigns is related to the Usos
Roman Reigns at SummerSlam 2021

Paul Heyman wants Roman Reigns to reach the highest of levels

Heyman said in the interview that the goal for Reigns will be to continue what he is doing and reach the highest of levels that no one can ever achieve. 

“Roman Reigns continues to set a pace and achieve levels that no one in WWE has ever or will ever achieve. The world has the privilege and joy of watching it unfold every Friday on SmackDown.”

The Tribal Chief has not lost a single bout in main events this year, and his reign went past CM Punk’s reigns as a WWE Champion. So he will be looking to make a mark as the most successful Champion ever in WWE.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns gives Big E the Superman Punch at Survivor Series (WWE)

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