MLW sues WWE – Everything you should know about the lawsuit

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Major League Wrestling has filed a lawsuit against WWE. Here is everything you should know about the lawsuit

MLW, aka Major League Wrestling, has filed a lawsuit against WWE. The Court Bauer’s wrestling promotion is far from a WWE competitor, but they have produced some big homegrown stars. 

Major League Wrestling is an independent wrestling promotion (wrestling Headline)

WWE has dominated the wrestling market worldwide. As a result, they have been viewed as a monopoly. Its only competition as of now has been All Elite Wrestling. Now MLW has accused WWE of maintaining its dominance by “poaching talent”, misappropriating confidential information interfering with competitors’ contracts, and cutting off competitors’ access to their viewing audiences. 

In the statement, CEO Court Bauer has revealed his intentions behind the lawsuit,

“WWE has been wrongfully depriving its competitors of critical opportunities for many years, but its latest conduct has been even more unconscionable.” I think we speak for the rest of the professional wrestling world when we say that this anti-competitive behaviour must stop.”

The lawsuit came because of two specific incidents. One of which was they secured a reportedly “lucrative” deal with Fox-owned streaming service Tubi. WWE has been accused of calling FOX Executives and demanding that they terminate the deal with MLW and Tubi. Just days before they were set to air on Tubi, the deal was canceled, and it resulted in a big loss for the company.

MLW has filed a lawsuit against WWE (MLW)

The other instance was when they did a business relationship with VICE. WWE Senior Vice President Susan Levison reportedly called VICE Executives and said that Vince McMahon was pissed they were entering an agreement to air MLW programming. 

This is the latest update on the MLW-WWE lawsuit

The 19-page lawsuit was officially filed in January before the United States District Court, Northern District of California. It alleges intentional interference with contractual relations and intentional interference with prospective economic relations. 

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It is being now speculated that it was, Stephanie McMahon who instigated Fox into canceling their deal with Tubi. The former rose after Dave Meltzer stated that his sources brought to him the news.

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