Matt Riddle restarts Goldberg feud and backs T-Bar’s plan to deal with returning star

Matt Riddle Goldberg
Matt Riddle and Goldberg

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Goldberg was one of the stars that returned on Raw Legends Night and Matt Riddle restarted their feud

Goldberg and Matt Riddle could be restarting their feud in WWE after Raw Legends Night.

It was a bit of a surprise to see Goldberg come out at the end of the show after Drew McIntyre defeated Keith Lee.

Golberg challenged Drew McIntyre on WWE Raw Legends Night
Drew McIntyre and Goldberg faced off on Raw (WWE)

McIntyre kept hold of his title after a brutal match. However, Goldberg shocked the WWE Universe by challenging McIntyre at the Royal Rumble.

Goldberg last held the Universal title but lost that and it is weird that WWE brought back a 54-year-old to fight one of the best champions we have had in years.

Seeing so many legends on the show didn’t sit well with Mustafa Ali too and he slammed Hulk Hogan in all this.

However, more was to come from Retribution as T-Bar asked Twitter if the faction should destroy Goldberg.

Many fans liked and retweeted the post from T-Bar but Riddle was another one who wanted the destruction of Goldberg to take place.

The Riddle Goldberg feud

While Riddle has been in WWE for a few years, he seems to have formed a rivalry with Goldberg. This all started a couple of years back where Goldberg seemed to block Riddle on Twitter.

Riddle for his part also was snubbed by Goldberg backstage and there was a weird confrontation. There was more to come with Goldberg claiming he didn’t know who Riddle was but the Original Bro posted a tweet saying that Goldberg was lying:

This bit of banter being brought back now is excellent from WWE and Riddle, and it will be interesting to see if the pair ever face off in the ring.

Goldberg coming back might have been done to save the sliding Raw ratings, and it is to be seen if this trick works for WWE.

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