WWE plan more creative changes for Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross made an appearance at the Great American Bash
Karrion Kross is one of the top stars on WWE NXT (WWE)

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Karrion Kross to undergo more character changes in the WWE

As per recent reports, Karrion Kross is set to have some more character changes in the WWE. As per Wrestlevotes, the idea is to make his character a bit more “psycho” yet “calm and cool” in the WWE. He is due for yet another change in his entrance including a new entrance theme. The Gladiator helmet is set to remain a part of his character moving forward.

Karrion Kross mask
Karion Kross (Twitter)

Kross was moved to Raw at the recent WWE Drafts and since then has only made one Raw appearance on September 27th where he defeated Jaxson Ryker. However, he has appeared on several WWE live events. His fiancee Scarlett Bordeaux is set to still miss out on accompanying Kross in the main roster.

Karrion Kross Jeff Hardy
Karrion Kross on Raw (WWE)

Why is Scarlett Bordeaux not being called up to the main roster?

When Kross was called up to Raw, it was almost certain that his fiancee Bordeaux will also accompany him to the main roster. However, it wasn’t the case, she has not been called up yet. Bordeaux was an integral part of the former NXT Champion’s character during his time in NXT.

Why Scarlett Bordeaux missing WWE
Karrion Kross and Scarlett Bordeaux (WWE)

It was reported that she was not cleared to appear on the main roster and because of this she has been recently absent. There is no further information on what she needed to clear. Kross later revealed that she is training hard and can return to the company soon. However, there is no stone set information on when she will return. For detailed coverage check out: Karrion Kross opens up on Scarlett Bordeaux missing from Raw.

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