Bully Ray claims Seth Rollins did the right thing by not attacking fan

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Former WWE Superstar Bully Ray reveals Seth Rollins did the right thing by not attacking the fan 

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins got attacked by a crazy fan who jumped the barricades to spear him on this week’s Monday Night Raw. Various superstars across the industry have spoken about their opinions regarding this.

Seth Rollins attack
Seth Rollins attack (Brinkwire)

Former WWE Superstar Bully Ray appeared on the Busted Open Podcast (h/t Ringside News). He defended Seth Rollins, stating that he did the right thing by not attacking him back as that would have a very different impact on the whole incident. 

Ray said to all the people claiming that why Rollins beat the s*** out of that man. It doesn’t happen like that as he can sue Rollins and even the company and even the arena, so Seth did the right thing that he didn’t attack him back.

“People chiming in on social media, ‘Oh Rollins is a punk for not beating the sh*t out of him.’ No, he’s not, he’s a pro. You can’t fire back because then they sue you, then they sue the company, then they sue the arena, then they just get sue happy. And then the jury looks at you like, ‘Well Seth, you did get away from the guy. Did you really have to go back and punt him in the face?’ (h/t Sescoops)

Bully Ray on Eddie Kingston of AEW
Bully Ray features on the Busted Open podcast regularly (WWE)

Bully Ray claims that Seth Rollins saved the company by not attacking back

Ray continued the interview about Rollins attack and mentioned that Rollins “saved the company” from many headaches on Monday. He also said that Seth has a tremendous level of self-control, and not many people have it.

Seth Rollins Brock Lesnar
Seth Rollins is a former WWE Universal Champion (WWE)

“That’s why you don’t do that. Seth saved the company a lot of headaches last night. Most guys wouldn’t have that kind of self-control. I’ve seen it a hundred times. The boys just salivating to get that one shot in.”

It was quite a terrifying incident for Rollins as the fan came from nowhere and speared him on the floor. A lot has questioned the security facilities about not giving attention properly, which led to something like this.

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According to the police, Rollins suffered swelling to his hip but refused medical attention.

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