Big E’s new role in WWE post-injury revealed

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Former WWE Champion Big E who was out with injury gets a new role in the company

Former WWE Champion Big E has been sidelined from the company since March after he broke his neck during a match on SmackDown. Since then he has had surgery and is on the road to recovery but there is no timeframe for when he will be cleared for an in-ring return. 

Big E Kofi Kingston
Big E is one of the members of the WWE faction New Day (WWE)

Despite being out of action due to an injury, the Big Man has been given a new role in WWE. He will be a part of the team that will be evaluating college athletes at the company’s next tryout. 

In a recent interview with ESPN, it was revealed that Big E will be at the company’s next NIL scouting program alongside Triple H and the company’s Vice President, James Kimball. 

WWE’s next tryouts will be held ahead of SummerSlam this month. While Speaking about his new role Big E said that he would like to have something like the NIL program when he was a college athlete.

“I wish there was an exit program for college athletes because you spend so much of your time on campus studying for your sport or participating for your sport or practising for your sport. You devote so much of your life to it, and then when it’s gone, it is such a distinct drop-off. It’s so hard to prepare for that. That was something that was hard for me mentally too,” said Big E.

Big E recently took to Twitter and revealed that he does not need to have surgery on his broken neck. He also said that the scans next year will indicate the progress of his recovery.


Update! My C1 isn’t ossifying (forming bone) quite yet. The current plan is to get more scans at the one year mark & see how it’s progressing. The great news is I feel tremendous & surgery is off the table.

In the interview E also mentioned that he has received stem-cell treatment and also used a bone stimulator machine to heal quickly. 

It will be interesting to see when the Former WWE Champion makes his in-ring return as fans will be praying for his speedy recovery.

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