Baron Corbin shares plans after stealing Money in the Bank briefcase from Big E

Baron Corbin stole the Money in the Bank briefcase from Big E and ran away

Things were not look great for Baron Corbin on this week’s WWE SmackDown after losing to Kevin Owens.

Corbin came out asking people to help him with $1000 as he was close to being broke. However, Owens came out and challenged him to a match.

Baron Corbin Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre hitting Baron Corbin with a Claymore

Owens would pay Corbin the amount if the former King won, but Corbin would have to stop begging if he lost.

Corbin, as expected did lose to Owens and was hit with the Stunner, but more was to come. Instead of wallowing in his grief, Corbin stole the Money in the Bank Briefcase from Big E and ran out of the arena.

Corbin was heard shouting and screaming what his next plans were and it seems things could take a turn for the better:

“I am going to be the next champ. I am going to be rich! So rich! Millionaire!”

Will Baron Corbin keep the Money in the Bank briefcase?

Technically, Corbin shouldn’t be allowed to keep the case given that it doesn’t belong to him. But, we had seen The Miz take the case away from Otis and then win it outright.

It will be interesting to see how WWE deals with this angle. They seem to have hit gold with this ‘broke’ Baron Corbin character and a clash with Big E would be entertaining too.

Baron Corbin has an actual website for his GoFundMe
Baron Corbin shared details of his GoFundMe on SmackDown (WWE)

However, it is likely that E will get the case back but it is to be seen when. Corbin has done an amazing job as the broke WWE star and was even fined $500 recently.

The King has fallen on hard times and even launched his own GoFundMe, but that didn’t work out too well for him either.

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