Baron Corbin fined $500 for violating dress code

Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin

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Things are falling apart for Baron Corbin as he was fined $500 recently by the promotion

The long streak of bad luck continues for Baron Corbin. It has been a massive fall from grace for the WWE SmackDown Superstar in the last couple of months.

After becoming King Corbin in 2019, he enjoyed considerable success in the promotion for 2 years, until things went downhill in June 2021.

Baron Corbin Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre hitting Baron Corbin with a Claymore

Corbin, looking all downtrodden, came out and announced that he was broke, and had no money left with him.

Earlier this week, a reeling Corbin made an appearance on WWE Raw and took on Drew McIntyre, wherein he begged to be paid $100,000.

All McIntyre did was deliver a Claymore and finish Corbin, increasing his misery.

To make things worse, he has been fined by the WWE for violating the promotion’s dress code. Corbin who is recently being seen in a white shirt, was spotted with a mustard stain on the same.

Although, Corbin tried to get it removed, it was of no avail. He was slapped with a fine of $500.

Baron Corbin reacts to being fined $500 by the WWE

Taking to TikTok, Corbin revealed that he had been fined $500, before going on to lament about asking to be paid an amount that he does not have.

Corbin can be seen saying:

“Welcome to another day in my life. After hitchhiking to work, I simply tried to go in and be on time and was sent away by a security guard that I’ve known for years. I finally get into the building, and oh look, I’m fined $500 — that I don’t have — for failing dress code.” [via Wrestling Inc]

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