“Stay in your lane” Alexa Bliss gives a fitting reply to Corey Graves after he took a shot at her

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WWE Raw Star Alexa Bliss hits back at WWE commentator Corey Grave on Twitter 

WWE commentator Corey Graves made some comments about Alexa Bliss on the latest episode of WWE RAW. First, she defeated Nikki A.S.H in a three-minute match to record her third straight victory a row.

Corey Graves teased a WWE return recently
Corey Graves is a former NXT wrestler (WWE)

Towards the end of the contest, Graves claimed that the five-time Women’s Champion was “in cruise control” and lacked urgency in the ring, which did not appreciate Bliss. 

She took to Twitter and made it clear that she didn’t like the commentator’s analysis of her performance.

Cruise control my @$$ . Stay in your lane.

This is not the first time Graves has received backlash for his commentary. He recently faced a lot of criticism on social media from the fans by referring to Naomi and Sasha Banks’ RAW walkout as “unprofessional.”

However, it is still unclear whether Graves’s criticism about Alexa was fed to him via a headset or whether he came up with it himself. 

Corey Graves said some other stuff about Alexa Bliss 

Throughout the match, Graves mentioned how Nikki A.S.H is willing to improve. However, on the other, he repeatedly questioned whether Bliss’s recent absence from WWE was affecting her performance.

When Nikki A.S.H took control of the match, the announcer made one more criticism about Bliss.

“I’ve gotta be honest with you. Alexa Bliss is showing no sense of urgency tonight,” Graves said. “Bliss is like she’s coming in here in cruise control, and Nikki, however, has her foot on the gas pedal, looking to make a name at Bliss’ expense.” [1:49-2:02]

Following Graves’s comment, Bliss knocked her opponent with a boot to the chin and then got the victory with Twisted Bliss finished from the top rope. 

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