Is Zelina Vega a Naruto fan?

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Zelina Vega is a former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion and has shown her anime attires in the ring. Is she a Naruto fan?

Thea Megan aka Zelina Vega, is a former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion. She is the inaugural Queen Crown winner. She is also the first of the three women to win the WWE and Impact/TNA knockouts World Tag Team Championship.

Zelina Vega
Zelina Vega as Naruto series character Madara Uchiha (Comicbook)

Vega is a big-time anime fan and especially a Naruto Fan. She has sported the gears of this anime series a lot of times. She has worn costumes inspired by the Akatsuki, Kakashi Hatake, and Naruto Uzumaki.

The Queen has even made a tattoo inspired by Naruto. This 31-year-old wrestler never shied away from expressing her love for the series.

During this year’s Royal Rumble, she made an entrance with a full Madara Uchica costume. She eliminated Sasha Banks after coming in as the seventh wrestler. After that, fans got more excited over Madara Uchiha. To those who don’t know, Madara is the most iconic antagonist and one of the strongest shinobis in the series. 

Naruto fans have always loved Madara. So when they saw one of their favourite wrestlers imitating the character, they were completely joyed. It made Vega win several hearts.

Backstage News on Queen Zelina Vega’s absence from WWE TV

According to PWInsider, Queen Zelina Vega recently suffered an in-ring injury for which she required surgery 

There is still no report on what type of surgery she will be getting or when Vega is hurt. She was last seen on the April 11 episode of RAW. Vega is expected to be out of action for another 6-8 weeks, which would mean she’d be available to return for the July 30 SummerSlam premium live event.

Zelina Vega Queen Zelina
She is the inaugural Queen of the Ring winner

The report added that there’s been talk within WWE creative about Vega receiving a push upon her return. She has been praised backstage for her “willingness to do what was requested ” and her work ethic.

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