Who is WWE star Ezekiel? Elias confirms identity after WWE release

Elias and Ezekiel
Ezekiel and Elias in WWE (WWE)

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Elias was one of the WWE releases from 2023 but he confirmed that Ezekiel was being played by him 

Elias was one of the big names that was part of the 2023 WWE releases, which came as a shock to quite a few.

The WWE star was one of the most interesting characters on TV thanks to his musical talents. He also debuted his brother ‘Ezekiel’ or ‘Zeke’ a few months back, and that had captured the imagination of the entire WWE Universe.

While everyone was able to deduce that Ezekiel was Elias just without the beard, sporting a clean-shaven look, the WWE star refused to confirm this.

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There were several segments with Elias and Ezekiel side by side, but that was mostly edited footage to confuse fans as part of the storyline.

However, Kevin Owens was one man who didn’t believe this and made it his mission to find out the truth.

Elias, now, has come out with the truth after his first message to the fans after his release. He spoke about facing some big names and even seeing a #1 iTunes album. The former WWE star also added that he was Ezekiel and signed off by saying it was a “blast” working with WWE.

What happened between Kevin Owens and Ezekiel?

While some fans shared their shock and dismay over this reveal by Elias, Owens had been harping about this for a long time.

He was involved in a bitter feud with Ezekiel and even sent him to the hospital recently. This took place on the August 8 2023 episode of Raw.

Owens slammed Ezekiel on the ring apron and Zeke was stretchered off. WWE posted a few updates from the hospital about Zeke, and there were some family members swearing revenge on KO.

However, that was not to be. WWE cut out the Zeke gimmick on September 16, and Elias came back to the show and even was part of the 17th October episode of Raw.

Ezekiel was brought in by WWE after WrestleMania 38 with a clean look, shorter hair and just trunks, a major departure from the drifter look that Elias had brought for so many years. 

Owens and Zeke’s rivalry was a weird one, but it was entertaining and they even wrestled at Hell in a Cell where Ezekiel lost to KO. 

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