Who is Sister Abigail and how is she related to Bray Wyatt?

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Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail meet Finn Balor

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Windham Lawrence Rotunda, better known as Bray Wyatt is a WWE wrestler who seems to have a secret regarding Sister Abigail in his life.

Bray Wyatt has been one of the most popular WWE Superstars in recent years. He has enthralled fans with various spooky gimmicks during his career.

What is the origin of Bray Wyatt?

Bray and most of the members of the Wyatt family come from a wrestling background.

This includes grandfather Blackjack Mulligan, father Mike Rotunda, uncles Barry Windham and Kendall Windham and brother Bo Dallas.

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Bray Wyatt is a former WWE Champion

Like all other wrestlers, Bray Wyatt has a finishing move which is called Sister Abigail. He kisses the forehead of his opponent/rival and plants his face on the ground.

When Bray Wyatt debuted the Fiend gimmick in 2019, he used the Mandible Claw as his finisher. He would incapacitate his opponents with the move that was famously used by Mankind.

The truth about Sister Abigail

There have been various interpretations of who is Sister Abigail. Bray Wyatt has every now and then dropped her name and considers her as a guiding light.

Wyatt insists that she is alive and well, though some believe that Sister Abigail is simply his alter ego.

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Wyatt’s latest alter ego is called ‘The Fiend’

However, the debate about her identity continues to rage on, with several guesses as to who could be Sister Abigail.

“I remember the first time I ever saw Abigail sitting in that chair” (h/t Wrestling Inc).

Wyatt reminisced in 2015 on Monday Night RAW. “She was so beautiful. Not just in her appearance, but in the things she said, and the way she spoke.”

The WWE Universe has never really indicated that Sister Abigail is a living being. However, there have been numerous theories on who she may be.

Balor proved to be a serious threat to Wyatt in every match. So, ‘The Fiend’ shed yet another layer to their ongoing rivalry. ‘The Eater of Worlds’ announced that Sister Abigail is alive and that she’s dying to meet Finn’s Demon.

When the Fiend took control over Alexa Bliss and turned her into a demented heel, many thought that Sister Abigail was none other than the former five-time women’s champion.

There was no concrete evidence as to Bliss being Sister Abigail. WWE did not address Bliss as Abigail ever as the mystery continued.

Wyatt has insisted that Sister Abigail is more of a force than a real person. However, questions were raised during Wyatt’s feud with ‘The Viper’, Randy Orton.

Bliss and the Fiend parted ways back in WrestleMania 33 after the latter betrayed the monster heel and cost him the match.

Latest in the relationship between Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigal

The Fiend gimmick was extremely popular with the fans. However, the Stamford-based company shockingly released Wyatt on July 31, 2021.

Wyatt returned to WWE after over a year in September 2022. He appeared in the Extreme Rules PPV in a never-seen-before character.

On the October 14 episode of SmackDown, Bray Wyatt returned to the blue brand in what seemed to be a gimmick where he was actually playing his original self. This was until he was interrupted by a masked character that was later revealed as Uncle Howdy.

Uncle Howdy has had an intriguing relationship with Wyatt since then. He has helped Wyatt, confused him, and also hit him with Sister Abigail. On the RAW brand, Alexa Bliss has also been tormented by Uncle Howdy and she has once again turned into a heel. However, Bliss has not been seen for the past couple of weeks.

Who is Sister Abigail? Who is Uncle Howdy?

The whole Bray Wyatt-Sister Abigail-Alexa Bliss-Uncle Howdy saga is quite excitingly poised at the moment. While we still don’t know who is Sister Abigail, we might get to know who is Uncle Howdy very soon.

Many believe that former WWE star Bo Dallas is Uncle Howdy. Ahead of the January 9 edition of RAW, PWInsider reported that Dallas, who is actually Bray’s brother in real life is actually portraying the mysterious Uncle Howdy.

Uncle Howdy has been heavily featured on WWE television in recent weeks and it is expected that his real identity will be revealed soon. Fans have spotted various differences in the person portraying Uncle Howdy in promos and while performing wrestling moves. The mask and the color of the eyes differ drastically and a section of fans believe that there could be two different people portraying the role.

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