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Paul Azinger’s wife: All you should know about the recently out NBC Sports analyst’s spouse

Paul Azinger, a prominent figure in golf and a former TV analyst for NBC Sports, has been in the limelight recently due to his departure from the network. This event has brought attention not just to his professional life but also to his personal life, particularly his marriage to Toni Azinger. In this article, we explore the life and role of Toni Azinger, a key figure in Paul’s life and career.

Paul Azinger: End of an Era at NBC Sports

Paul Azinger’s departure from NBC Sports marks the end of a significant chapter in his broadcasting career. His decision not to return as the lead golf analyst in 2024 has been a topic of discussion in the golfing community. This move ends a five-year relationship between Azinger and NBC Sports, during which he contributed his deep insights and extensive golf knowledge to the network.

Paul Azinger’s wife: Early Beginnings and Marriage

Toni and Paul Azinger’s journey together began at Florida State University. They tied the knot in 1982, marking the beginning of a strong and enduring partnership. Toni has played a crucial role in Paul’s life, providing support through the various phases of his career and personal challenges.

One of the most challenging periods for the couple was when Paul was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 1993. During this time, Paul Azinger’s wife was supportive of her husband, as he underwent extensive treatment. Her role during this period was not just that of a spouse but also of a caregiver and a pillar of strength.

The Azingers have two daughters, Sarah Jean Collins and Josie Azinger Mark, and currently reside in Bradenton, Florida. Paul Azinger’s wife, Toni’s role as a mother has been integral to maintaining a nurturing and stable environment for their family, showcasing her dedication and love.

Paul Azinger family
Paul Azinger family (Twitter)

Paul Azinger Charitable Works

Paul Azinger’s wife, Toni, along with her husband, has been actively involved in charitable work. They have worked on projects such as the Azinger Compassion Center in Bradenton, supporting the One More Child organization. This involvement demonstrates their commitment to community service and making a positive societal impact.

Throughout Paul’s career transitions, from a professional golfer to a broadcaster, Toni’s support has been a constant. Her presence at various tournaments and her encouragement during his shift to broadcasting highlights her role as a supportive partner.


Toni Azinger is a multifaceted individual – a supportive wife, a caring mother, and a committed philanthropist. Her contribution to Paul’s life and their community activities speaks volumes about her compassionate nature. As Paul embarks on new endeavors in his career, Toni’s role as his life partner and supporter remains integral. In summary, Toni Azinger’s influence and support have been instrumental in shaping Paul Azinger’s successful career and personal life, making her an indispensable part of his journey.

1. Who is Paul Azinger’s wife?Toni Azinger, whom Paul met while they were both attending Florida State University.
2. When did Paul and Toni Azinger get married?They got married in 1982.
3. What was a significant health challenge Paul Azinger faced, and how did he overcome it?In 1993, Paul Azinger was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He underwent six months of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation, eventually overcoming the disease. Toni played a crucial role in supporting him during this time.
4. What are some of the charitable works Toni Azinger is involved in?Toni and Paul Azinger are involved in the Azinger Compassion Center in Bradenton, Florida, which supports the One More Child organization.
5. What is Paul Azinger’s professional background apart from being an NBC Sports analyst?Paul Azinger is a former professional golfer who won twelve times on the PGA Tour, including the 1993 PGA Championship. He has also served as a U.S. Ryder Cup captain and has worked as a golf analyst for various networks.

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