Who is Bernadette Collins? What is her role in Formula 1 (F1)?

Bernadette Collins

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In the exciting realm of Formula 1, certain individuals work diligently behind the scenes, contributing significantly to the sport’s outcomes. One such individual is Bernadette Collins, or “Bernie” as she is affectionately known. Her journey from being an F1 strategy expert to becoming a prominent figure in Sky Sports F1 coverage has captured the attention of motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

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Bernie Collins earned her reputation in Formula 1 as a brilliant strategist. Her impressive journey began when she assumed the role of Strategy Head at Aston Martin’s F1 team. In this capacity, she played a pivotal role in the team’s performance. Bernie was responsible for formulating race strategies that could make the difference between triumph and defeat. Her duties included analyzing a plethora of data, assessing weather conditions, and managing tire strategies, among other critical factors that informed the team’s decision-making during races.

A New Chapter at Sky Sports F1

In an unexpected twist, Bernie Collins made headlines by joining the Sky Sports F1 coverage team in 2023. Her transition from a behind-the-scenes strategist to a prominent media personality was met with great intrigue. Fans and pundits were eager to witness how Bernie would adapt to her new role.

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At Sky Sports F1, Bernie’s primary responsibility revolves around providing insightful commentary and analysis during races. Her profound comprehension of race strategies and tactics has made her an invaluable addition to the broadcasting team. Bernie is now a familiar face in F1 coverage, sharing her expertise and perspectives with viewers worldwide.

The Motivation Behind the Move

One might wonder why Bernie Collins chose to shift from a well-established role within a Formula 1 team to a career in sports broadcasting. The answer lies in her passion for the sport and her desire to offer a unique perspective to F1 enthusiasts.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, Bernie elaborated on her decision to leave Aston Martin and join Sky Sports F1. She expressed her excitement about the opportunity to engage with a broader audience and share her profound knowledge of the sport she holds dear. Bernie’s move into the media world underscores her commitment to promoting Formula 1 and making it more accessible to fans.

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A Valuable Resource for F1 Fans

Bernie Collins’ journey from an F1 strategy expert to a Sky Sports F1 pundit is a testament to her deep-rooted passion for the sport. Her expertise in race strategies, combined with her ability to convey complex concepts in an easily digestible manner, makes her a valuable resource for Formula 1 enthusiasts.

When tuning in to Formula 1 races on Sky Sports F1, viewers can now look forward to Bernie’s insightful analysis and commentary. She breaks down the intricacies of race strategies, driver tactics, and team dynamics, helping fans gain a deeper understanding of the sport they hold in high regard.

Unlocking Bernadette Collins Insights

For those new to Formula 1 or seeking to enhance their understanding of the sport, Bernie Collins offers a wealth of insights. Her capacity to dissect the strategies employed by teams and drivers can significantly enrich the viewing experience.

Formula 1’s official website has published an essential guide on how to interpret pre-season testing with F1 strategy. This guide underscores Bernie’s role as a strategist and how her expertise can provide viewers with a more comprehensive perspective on the sport. Her analysis delves beyond the surface, shedding light on the tactical decisions that unfold during races.

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A Promising Future in F1 Media

As Bernadette Collins continues her journey in the world of F1 media, her future looks promising. Her distinctive blend of strategic knowledge and a fervent passion for storytelling has the potential to reshape how Formula 1 is perceived and understood by fans.

In an interview with Crash.net, Bernie shared her aspirations for the future. She expressed her desire to contribute to the global expansion of Formula 1 as a sport and to inspire the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts. Bernie’s journey from an F1 strategy expert to a Sky Sports F1 pundit exemplifies the boundless opportunities within the world of motorsport.


Bernadette Collins, fondly known as Bernie, has transitioned from being a strategic powerhouse in Formula 1 to becoming a prominent figure in the world of motorsport media. Her insights and expertise in race strategies have made her a valuable asset to both teams and fans. Bernie’s journey serves as an inspiration to those passionate about motorsport, highlighting the exciting opportunities within the Formula 1 ecosystem.

Whether you’re a seasoned Formula 1 enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, Bernie Collins’ presence on Sky Sports F1 promises to enrich your viewing experience and deepen your appreciation for the thrilling world of Formula 1. So, the next time you tune in to watch a race, be sure to listen for Bernie’s insightful commentary—her insights are certain to make the race even more captivating and enlightening.

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