Who is Andre Drummond’s Girlfriend and Their Dating History

Andre Drummond
Andre Drummond

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Andre Drummond, who currently plays professional basketball for the Detroit Pistons, has been involved in several high-profile relationships and there have been reports about them. Rumors also circulated regarding his dating history.

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Who is Andre Drummond's Girlfriend and Their Dating History 2

Candice Brooks was his initial romantic interest; however, they soon parted ways shortly thereafter. Soon thereafter he met Abigail Russo and they went on to have a son together.

PersonRelationships and Key Details
Andre Drummond– Dated Jennette McCurdy briefly. – Currently in a relationship with Candice Brooks.
Jennette McCurdy– Briefly dated Andre Drummond. – Active in the entertainment industry and business ventures.
Candice Brooks– Girlfriend of Andre Drummond. – Active in music, modeling, and social media. – Previously dated several celebrities.
Abigail Russo– Previously in a relationship with Andre Drummond and had a son together.
Leroy Sane– In a relationship with Candice Brooks. – A Bayern Munich footballer.
Jenna Shea– Known for high-profile relationships with NBA celebrities. – Has dated various celebrities.
Alyson Hannigan– Briefly dated Andre Drummond.
Jenna Shea (continued)– Dated Andre Drummond briefly before they parted ways. – Welcomed a daughter with Drummond.

Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy, best known as Sam Puckett from Nickelodeon’s teen-driven show iCarly, is one of the world’s most iconic actresses and models. Additionally, she has had many celebrity relationships, most notably NBA player Andre Drummond; although their romance lasted only briefly. Drummond has since moved on and had other relationships such as Candice Brooks and Elizabeth Costadoni as partners in life.

After her time on iCarly, Jennette McCurdy has appeared in various other television shows and movies as well as writing a book. Additionally, she holds numerous endorsements as a successful businesswoman residing currently in Los Angeles, California.

Jennette remains active in the entertainment industry but has remained single since her mother’s passing. She is currently focused on expanding her business ventures while writing her memoir and planning new endeavors.

Jennette McCurdy has had an eventful dating life. She has had various celebrities as partners, such as actor Graham Patrick Martin from Two and a Half Men; as well as being briefly romantically linked with Paul Glaser from iCarly but due to their 13-year age gap their romance was short-lived.

Candice Brooks

Andre Drummond is currently dating an American model named Candice Brooks from New York. Brook has amassed an extensive following online, recently appearing as Eva Marcille on the TV reality show About the Business; additionally, she posts pictures to Instagram showing herself wearing elegant outfits or performing fitness routines; she even enjoys sharing updates about her son Deon with fans.

Brooks also maintains her career as an R&B singer, having released several singles under that moniker and appearing in Emile Danero’s music video for “Tell Me Part 2.”

She is well-known for her beauty and body, boasting numerous followers on her Instagram page. Known for having maintained her slim figure through pregnancy as well as maintaining it postpartum. Additionally, she possesses various tattoos on her body.

Brook has had relationships with multiple celebrity figures in the past, such as rapper Chris Brown. Additionally, she was linked with Safaree Samuels and French Montana at one point in time.

In 2018, Drummond caused considerable scandal when he began dating two women simultaneously, beginning a romance with Abigail Russo before welcoming a daughter with Elizabeth Costadoni later that same year. Unfortunately, both relationships ended by the end of 2018.

Leroy Sane

Candice Brooks is an American singer, model and girlfriend of Bayern Munich footballer Leroy Sane. She is well-known in Hollywood and has collaborated with various companies within the fashion industry. Additionally, Candice is also active socially and has amassed quite a fan following on Instagram.

She is known to post adorable images of Deon on social media accounts. Additionally, she is an avid fitness enthusiast who regularly shares workout tutorials via Instagram Stories. In addition, she is a mother to two dogs.

Brooks first met Sane in 2017 and quickly fell for him, although they experienced their fair share of difficulties together. Although Brooks has had previous relationships with Grammy award-winning musician Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj’s ex-partner Safaree Samuels – including both being Grammy award winners themselves! – they remain together to this day. In 2018 she gave birth to Rio Stella with Sane.

Abigail Russo remains an influential figure in the basketball world despite no longer being Andre Drummond’s mother. She boasts an expansive following on Instagram and often shares posts regarding her fitness regimen and is seen as an example by many people; her story of saving her own son from drowning has even been featured on television programs and magazines.

Jenna Shea

Jenna Shea is an American WAG and model who has enjoyed high-profile relationships with NBA celebrities. Shea is known for preferring men of black, Hispanic, or mixed heritage; these have included Chris Brown, French Montana, Safaree Samuels among others. Additionally, Shea has gained popularity on social media via publications like Glamour Candy and Crazy.

Drummond began dating iCarly alum Alyson Hannigan after publicly admiring her online. However, their romance was short-lived as they eventually parted ways shortly thereafter. Since then he has openly professed his affection for Hannigan while admitting that threats have been directed against him as soon as their relationship became known to others.


Shea is known for her seductive attitude and love of NBA basketball. She is said to have hooked up with several celebrities, such as Kanye West. Recently, Shea spoke to pornstar Mary Carey of Vivid Radio’s Mary Carey Happy Hour about all of these encounters; Lil Wayne had one with a pencil-sized male organ while Fabolous boasted the biggest man piece she has seen.

Shea’s most notable relationship was with NBA star Andre Drummond. They dated for about one year until parting ways in 2018, at which point Shea and Drummond welcomed Aubrey Ella Rose, their daughter together, into this world on March 31. Since then she has reignited her romance with German NBA player Leroy Sane and welcomed their daughter together as well.