Who coined the term Bazball? Does England’s test cricket coach Brendon McCullum approve of it?


Who coined the term Bazball? ‘Baz-ball’ has become closely associated with Brendon McCullum since he assumed the role of England Test coach.

Under Brendon McCullum’s guidance, the team achieved remarkable victories, including a resounding 3-0 whitewash of New Zealand on home soil. This was a hard-fought draw in a series where they also emerged victorious in the fifth rescheduled Test match.

The term is used widely due to the achievements in England and the setting of an amazing rapport. Nevertheless, the term has indeed become linked to the former Kiwi player and that term is ‘Baz-ball.’

Who coined the term Bazball? England Test Cricket Team

England accomplished a truly extraordinary feat. The significance of this term became more apparent with what unfolded. They successfully chased down a monumental total of 378 runs against India, with seven wickets to spare. This exceptional performance captivated the cricketing world. Additionally, it also galvanized support for what we now commonly refer to as ‘Baz-ball.’

Who coined the term Bazball? The No-Holds-Barred Strategy Redefining England’s Test Cricket

‘Baz-ball’ was coined to describe the Test side’s transformative display. It was in the longest format of the game since McCullum assumed the coaching role. Both McCullum and the current Test captain, Ben Stokes, embraced the ‘Baz-ball’ approach. They even started adapting their playing styles in the red-ball format.

Who coined the term Bazball? English Test Team
Who coined the term Bazball? Does England's test cricket coach Brendon McCullum approve of it? 2

In essence, ‘Baz-ball’ represents a strategy characterized by unbridled aggression and an unwavering commitment to winning. It empowers players to express themselves freely and adopt a win-at-all-costs mindset. McCullum, affectionately known as “Baz,” is the real inspiration behind the name.

Who coined the term Bazball? England Test Cricket Team

However, it is worth noting that McCullum himself does not endorse the term. In his view, the newly coined buzzword is simply “silly.” The former New Zealand skipper emphasized that the team’s approach involved deeper levels of pragmatism. During an interview on SEN Radio, McCullum expressed his disapproval. He stated, “That’s why I don’t really like that silly term that people are throwing out there.”

‘Baz-ball’ has become the term associated with Brendon McCullum and his coaching style. This has led to a change since assuming the role of England’s Test coach. Despite its widespread use, McCullum personally does not embrace the term, instead emphasizing the team’s underlying pragmatism.

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