What impact will the New York Jets have on their performance after losing Aaron Rodgers to injury?

How will this injury impact the career of Aaron Rodgers?
What impact will New York jets have on their performance after losing Aaron Rodgers with injury

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How will this injury impact the career of Aaron Rodgers?
What impact will New York jets have on their performance after losing Aaron Rodgers with injury

Aaron Rodgers of the New York Jets sustained a torn Achilles tendon during his debut against the Buffalo Bills on Monday night, after being hit awkwardly by Bills pass rusher Leonard Floyd on his first drive of play and being sacked on first drive of the game by Bills pass rusher Leonard Floyd on the initial drive of game.

Rodgers was taken off the field and placed into the blue tent, likely marking him out for the rest of the season.

The Impact of Losing Aaron Rodgers

New York Jets 2023 season has gotten off to a disappointing start after suffering the loss of star quarterback Aaron Rodgers to an Achilles injury only four plays into their debut. Rodgers was injured when Bills lineman Leonard Floyd sacked him on their opening drive, landing awkwardly at MetLife Stadium’s FieldTurf core surface and suffering an impact injury.

Rodgers remains unclear of the role turf played in his injury; it should be noted, however, that he has suffered lower leg issues throughout his career and just shy of turning 40; furthermore he has an extended history of calf strains which make this tragedy all the more heartbreaking for New York fans.

Rodgers’ absence will not have as dramatic of an immediate effect on the Jets as some might assume; their backup quarterback, Zach Wilson, was able to lead them to an impressive 22-16 win against Buffalo Bills on Monday night.

The Jets must take into account how this development could alter their future plans at quarterback. A trade they made with the Packers back in April guaranteed them a first-round selection in 2024; but in order for that guarantee to take effect, Rodgers had to play at least 65% of snaps this season in order for that pick to kick in.

How Will This Injury Impact the Career of Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers’ injury will undoubtedly change his career path, prompting many fans to ask whether or not he can return to playing after this setback. Doctors have not disproved of him returning in the future.

Rehabilitation after an Achilles tear is often an exhaustive journey, even under the care of top surgeons. Many athletes still experience issues after such injuries; Rodgers should remain focused on his recovery and not lose sight of his goal of returning to play on the field.

Since Rodgers’ injury, his teammates have shown him their support. They laud his leadership and dedication to the team; believing he will remain an important influence for positive change within their organization.

Though he’s only 39, many are starting to question if Rodgers still has much left in him. An Achilles tear may signal an end for one of NFL lines’ greatest quarterbacks. Yet professional athletes thrive off challenges and overcame difficulties; perhaps Rodgers needs this obstacle in order to reenergize his career?

How Long Will Aaron Rodgers Be Out?

Aaron Rodgers made four passes before suffering an Achilles tendon tear that ended both his season and could lead to his career being at an end.

On the fourth play of the game, quarterback Nathan Eovaldi was injured when sacked by Bills linebacker Leonard Floyd and attempted to spin away, when his foot caught the turf and caused injury. As soon as possible he was removed from the field and brought into the locker room where further evaluation took place.

Following an MRI exam, the Jets confirmed that he had torn his Achilles tendon. As such, he will miss both this season and 2023’s campaign.

Although any NFL injury can be devastating, this one is especially challenging for the 39-year-old to recover from. As an elite athlete known for pushing himself hard and overextending himself physically, his body might not heal as quickly from this injury as desired.

Recovery time from this type of injury typically lasts nine months; it could take longer if complications arise and Rodgers needs more time to return to his previous level of play after experiencing his injury.

Will Aaron Rodgers Return to the Field?

Rodgers has confirmed the MRI results that indicate his season has come to an end. On his fourth play of his New York Jets debut against the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium, Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon after being sacked by Bills linebacker Leonard Floyd and while being assisted off by trainers. It occurred as Leonard Floyd attempted to take him down.

Rodgers has yet to set a timeframe on his return, though many expect him to attempt a comeback next season. NFL players tend to use injuries as motivation in their rehabilitation process; however, Rodgers may face challenges in making an immediate comeback due to historical precedent and his current condition.


An Achilles tendon injury can wreak havoc on an athlete’s athleticism and prevent full recovery; those affected typically need at least several months of rehab before returning to sport, though full recovery could take even longer. Rodgers is scheduled to travel back to California this week in order to have stitches removed and start his five-hour daily rehab program – hopefully rejoining his team after their Week 7 bye but it remains uncertain whether he’ll play this season.