What happened to Kenneth Petty? Why has Nicki Minaj’s husband been placed under house arrest?

What happened to Kenneth Petty? Why has Nicki Minaj’s husband been placed under house arrest?

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Kenneth Petty, popularly known as Nicki Minaj’s husband was born on April 7, 1978, in New York, USA. Kenneth and Nicki met each other during their childhood days and fell in love with each other. Kenneth has a dark past, in which he was previously caught violating the traffic rules in Los Angeles. Also, he did not register as a sex offender when moving together with Nicki in California, which is also against the law. To brief on the issue, he was charged for attempting a rape of a minor girl in 1995 and even sent to prison for several times.

Nicki Minaj husband Kenneth Petty
Kenneth Petty and Nicki Minaj

The sweet pair got married in October 2019 and welcomed their son in September 2020. But the name of their son has not been revealed yet by the pair. Their marriage pictures were posted on Nicki’s Instagram page, which left shock among her fans and followers. On Twitter, Nicki posted by saying, “He won’t even say the word ‘Nicki.’ He has called me Onika since I was 15 so it’s hard to change that,” and shared how much love Kenneth has for Nicki.

What happened to Kenneth Petty?

Every time Nicki and Cardi B, the greats will be involved in fights on Social media in recent years. But this time it is different, Kenneth and the rapper Offset (Cardi B’s husband) are having some quite heated issues.

Kenneth Petty and Offset

The issue between the boys has happened because of their respective wives. It was said that Kenneth was out with his friends at a New York City hotel for the weekend. Cardi B was also staying at the same hotel, which made Kenneth raise threatening phrases against him. All these were recorded and posted on social media, which was against the law. As soon as the video was posted, it spared the internet. It included phrases like, “Plan that vacation, you gonna be planning your funeral !”.

As the threats were evident, Kenneth was ordered to serve home detention for 120 days by the Court. Upon watching this video, Offset replied by saying, “I’m getting off a jet. He’s funny.” The incident has sparked more controversies between Nicki B and Cardi B.

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