What happened between The Rock and Zachary Levi?

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This article will explore the recent tension that’s going on between The Rock and Zachary Levi.

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What happened between The Rock and Zachary Levi? 2

The BTS drama between Rock and Zachary

There is reported tension between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zachary Levi, both DC Studios stars. The disagreement is said to have arisen from the alleged denial of a cameo appearance by Black Adam co-stars in Shazam 2. The director of Shazam! Fury of the Gods decided to add Emilia and John at the last minute after the plan for Black Adam’s Justice Society characters to appear in the film fell apart three days before shooting was scheduled to begin.

Reports suggest that Johnson refused to allow his co-stars to appear in the film and declined to participate himself. The disagreement is believed to have been caused by Johnson’s attempts to restructure the DC Extended Universe, focusing on himself and Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Zachary Levi responded to the report on his Instagram story, posting excerpts and saying “the truth shall set you free.” Both “Black Adam” and “Shazam 2” did poorly at the box office and any follow-ups were effectively cancelled. Johnson had wanted Black Adam to be a central figure in the DC Extended Universe and build towards a confrontation with Superman, but after the release of “Black Adam,” Warner Bros hired new leaders and Johnson admitted that Black Adam would not be involved in the future. Additionally, Henry Cavill’s cameo in “Black Adam” appeared to mark the end of his role as Superman, with the character being recast for future projects.

Recent Shakeups in the DC world

Fans of DC comics have been hit with some disappointing news lately, with the cancellation of the highly anticipated Batgirl movie and the delay of the next Wonder Woman instalment. On top of that, The Flash movie is facing challenges due to controversy surrounding its star, Ezra Miller. Many are curious to see how this will affect the direction of the film.

It seems that even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s much-hyped Black Adam film won’t be getting an immediate sequel, as he tweeted in December. This follows a series of shakeups at DC Studios, which is now under new leadership. Fans are understandably concerned about the future of the DC universe, but they remain hopeful that the studio will find a way to deliver the superhero content that they love.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam! Fury of the Gods, starring Zachary Levi, Helen Mirren, Lucy Liu, and Rachel Zegler, opened to a box office gross of $30.5 million domestically, according to Variety. However, its production budget was $110 million, with an additional estimated $100 million spent on promotion. While fans gave it a high score of 87 percent, critics only gave it 51 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Despite the mixed reviews, Levi defended the movie in a tweet, saying that the main issue was poor marketing. He believes that it’s a perfect family movie, but unfortunately, many families are not aware of it.

Sandberg, the director of Shazam! Fury of the Gods expressed his gratitude that Emilia and John were able to step in at the last minute and thanked producer Peter Safran for making it happen. Although the scene with the two characters makes less sense than the planned cameo, it was an opportunity to showcase the abandoned gas station set that the art department had built. Meanwhile, the director has expressed his desire to return to his horror roots, indicating that he might not work on another superhero movie anytime soon.

The Rock – Latest News

Here is the latest news about the Rock for the fans. First, his mother, Ata, was involved in a car accident on the east coast of the United States. She was injured and rushed to the hospital. later on, Dwayne expressed his gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from fans on his Instagram page.

Another piece of news on Rock was the picture of Dwayne and Emily Blunt at the Oscars has been going viral recently. Fans were thrilled to see their amazing chemistry, which made them even more excited for their upcoming movie, “Jungle Cruise.” The interesting part was the picture was actually shared by, Emily’s husband, John Krasinski on his own Instagram page.

The Final news is, Dwayne attended the 2023 Grammy Awards, where he brought up Adele’s performance. He praised her extraordinary talent and hard work, calling her an “absolute queen” and a “once-in-a-generation” artist. The two stars even shared some friendly moments backstage, which Dwayne shared with his followers on Instagram.

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